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  1. I'm happy with it when it's working correctly. That's what makes times like these so frustrating for me.
  2. No such luck. They are either adding new IPs daily or rerouting to other data centers if they find a blocked gateway. Either way it works for a bit then sadly I am being pushed into lobbies with new IDs and IPs outside of the filter range and/or on the DENY list as I find them. Something has to change with the filter as well ass Allow/Deny list, it's simply not working for some of us. I have rolled back as far as day one on f/w with the exact same issues from there up in f/w. It's not a specific firmware issue. I've using these routers for going on 5 or 6 years now as an early adopter and it's been the same form day one. What works one day may not work the next and then you speed all your game time tinkering in futility due to a bug or other issue that takes forever for the Netduma team to acknowledge let alone fix. I know each feature inside and out, I know routers and networking inside and out, yet here I am with yet another "unique" issue. I'm tired of the inconsistency. Thanks for your help Fraser, I know you mean well, sorry if anything I said was offensive to you. Alex....your hair looks nice. I'll check back in 90 days, this is frustrating to no end. Meanwhile the router will be in it's box in the closet. After 90 days if it's not fixed I will sell it apparently with a disclaimer, *ALL FEATURES MAY OR MAY NOT WORK FOR YOU*.
  3. Yes. I didn't want to lose my allow/deny list so I could get those IDs but as it seems to go yet another hard reset. 30-30-30, not that I thing it helps with this router but I did it form habit. b0c7935e644f1015 503f8550dceff6fb 503f7944dceff6fb d13fb37edc70f6fb 503f8a55dceff6fb b0c78a55644f1015 Here's is a recent ID that is new, outside of my filter but connecting anyway AND also connecting when added to Deny list. If you need to PM me the IP that's fine. If this isn't resolved soon I am going to have to give up the router. I can actually create my own list of allow deny with iptables but it's time consuming and new IPs are added pretty much as mode populace dictate. I figured since Netduma had a team and it was the sole reason for their product it would always be good to go.
  4. Ghosts? Yea I guess that makes more sense than some of your troubleshooting. It's pretty simple. You've got several people reporting the same issue with geofilter blocking server INSIDE the filter and NOT blocking servers that are OUTSIDE the filter as well as on the DENY list. I guess we will all just sit down and joke about it? Cool. It's your product that looks like shit in the mean time. I guess I will just go elsewhere maybe hang out with the ghosts of all the long time users who have given up on the Netduma team due to inconsistencies and slow production. If you, and your flippant attitude, are the future of the company then they should just sell it off now cause there is no hope. Seems the name of the game now is to blame the user, game and Netgear. All the while Netgear blames Netduma and waits the consumer out for that warranty expiration so they can sell more extended warranties for a product that has never been completely stable and each Firmware update has presented more issues. Sad.
  5. So we are back to blaming something on my end? I can't take your posts seriously. Come on man am I using the right power adapter?!? Are you serious? I am using the power adapter that came with the device. As far as the amount of routers that have been replaced, I cannot control Netgear's terrible QA routers arriving DOA and misprinted and then power cycling on their own aren't things that consumers can control. The only thing missing is the fix for these issues and the flakiness of these routers. Netgear passes the buck and it seems that the main theme of my issue is a carry over form others issues that have been ongoing since June of 2018 according to posts that have yet to be answered and/or resolved. I know how to use the router, I know my power is good, I know my issues are not only mine but others here as well. ....right power adapter, is this guy serious?
  6. Which is ludicrous. The 40 man Alcatraz lobbies play so smooth also, on PC at least, when lobbies got down to 30-50 man lobbies on the regular, due to loss of player base, it was way smoother than 100 man lobby. These jack A's are too dense to realize they are killing their own performance from day one with trying to match the player count of Fartnite. <---------<< not a typo
  7. So this is weird. Today our ISP had everyone in town down for upgrade to the nodes. When it came back up we all had to reboot our modems for a fresh reconnect and IP pull. My Netduma has taken a shit. I have rebooted it several times and now all I am getting is R-app is taking longer than normal. I was simply trying to get connected to the internet and pull those IDs for you and it won't do anything but spit out R-apps error over and over. This is F'ing laughable man. Over a year with issue after issue on weird firmware problems and a sometimes functioning UPnP and/or port forwards and now geofilter failures and this R-apps... the sad part is Netgear straight up said I'm fucked and they won't even talk to me again without purchasing extended warranty! WTH guys ?!? I'm completely floored here. I didn't build this router nor it's firmwares so why am I having to pay additional to get them to function? I've put in enough troubleshooting time to pay for 5 routers worth of hourly labor easily. Well Fraser I guess when this thing decides to run I will get those IDs.....
  8. Watch your map and turn OFF auto ping so when the server is joined you can quickly ping it and wait for it to populate the IP. I'm curious to see if the servers that are saying lobby unavailable are outside of your range and/or PA value. Several of us are reporting these issues. With your other router You will always find a game quickly because it has nothing defining how or what you connect to. The best way is to try searching with geo-filter off and see if you are easily connecting to Florida servers. More than likely you will a few times but if you do even once it points to the Ge-filter, not the game as the culprit of ignoring the servers best for you.
  9. There should be plenty of servers in Florida. This is indicative of when I first started having my issue. What's more than likely happening is the geo-filter is probably allowing him to connect outside of the filter range and then kicking him after it "catches up" with it's own settings. This has been reported in some shape of fashion from several players since June of 2018. There's no reason why the game would not allow him to connect. If I turn of the filter I can clearly see it connect within my radius within seconds. With the filter on servers inside the range are being ignored for some reason. On average each US location has over 20+ easily server IPs and if they're using listen servers it should just create a new lobby to fill the game once it's full or reaches a time limit it will migrate to the dedicated server as host. Soon this game (bo4?) will be replaced with MW and I wonder if this will be resolved by then?
  10. I mostly camp Texas USA servers and I can tell you that after every major mode change/update there is a period where new batch of server IP/IDs are added and matchmaking goes to crap fast. It takes about a week for it to get sorted and even then it's iffy. I've played with people from all over the world in US servers. So people specifically camp there geo-filter around countries further away to benefit from lag comp also. I'm not sure if that works but some people swear by it.
  11. Hybrid VPN is. Geo-Filter is NOT I rolled back to V2.3.2.22 to see if it would help the main issue with servers outside the filter range being joined incorrectly. No luck there. Out of every 10 searches I get approx 2-3 servers taht are inside the filter range. The rest are outside, it allows it to connect even though it shouldn't. What I am seeing today is a new batch of IDs that aren't showing IP addresses so I cannot create another block rule or even geo-locate or tracert them.
  12. Today my hybrid VPN decides it's not going to work with PS4 pro. It's fine with my PC, connection is good and stable but when the PS4 is added it cannot get past Internet connection any longer. It just worked yesterday.... so tired of inconsistencies with this thing. It would be one thing if I didn't understand how it's SUPPOSED to work but I do. I can use the exact same config and setup from day to day and get totally different results. On a good note, adding the block to that gateway for the bad servers in Texas has helped keep me finding matches on the good servers. At first I thought the block was killing my ps4 connection but no difference when it is removed from blacklist.
  13. Today I went through my long list of deny and allow. I traced out that all of the mislocated and poorly routed servers that are supposed to show in Texas, but are terrible performance wise, all share a common gateway hop handing off from cogent to PSInet. I remember seeing this name on a few servers at launch. Any rate, I created a rule to hand off traffic from my edge router to the Xr500. I used the setup as follows, Modem>edge router>netduma>>ps4& pc. Setting it up this way allowed me to blackhole route for the aforementioned gateway with the packet issues and high latency then dropping all packets to this destination. I have rebooted all devices several times and played 10 matches so far. It takes some time to find a match but each match has been within my geofilter radius as well as within my acceptable ping numbers of 22ms and under. Time will tell. I see quite a few posts now from all over the world with very similar issues. Servers within their radius being passed over and pooer choice servers and even deny/blocked servers being chosen only to be blocked after joining the waiting lobby. I read one from around May where you guys had issues inline with my own on a XR700 and told the person you had found the issue and forwarded it to Netgear. Would this issue be the same?
  14. You will need to utilize port forward as well as port translations and hope it works. So for ps4 you'd try and external port of 3174 to internal 3074 for ps4#1 and say 3175 for internal 3074, same for all ports required. As such try 9401 external to 9308 internal for ps4#1 and 9402 external to 9308 internal for ps4#2.... There is a checkbox to allow for changes of these soemthing along the lines of "use same port range/number for internal." I believe for 3478-3480 you will be fine as it's a range but you can always use the external higher range to internal exact port or range. So external 3578-3580 tcp to internal 3478-3480 tcp for ps4#1 and say exteranl 3581-3583 tcp to internal 3478-3480 tcp etc ..... If you try to do this. Turn OFF UPnP, reboot. Also, try and make translation rules for each port needed for your game as well as for the PS4s. Good Luck! PS4 and CoD : TCP 80, 443, 1935, 3478-3480, 9308, 3074 & UDP 3478-3479, 3074, 9308
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