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  1. If this sticks to the historical data we already know they will sell out from under all of us and go with yet another hardware we will then have to buy. How about this guy? How about gettign the cloud IDs nailed down and make sure that geofilter works NOW instead of putting it off for 3.0? Tolerances stack. You're just, yet again, adding more features before bullet-proofing ones you have. If there are users here that really need all of those features you want to add I assure you they are using way better networking equipment and WAPs for Wi-fi anything else is ignorance. Maybe that's the game now since you seem to easily overlook the continuance of issues/errors with your OS now internally. Has Netduma gone into the business of selling hardware to ignorant masses no care of actual usefulness of features? a la Netgear and the R7000 rebadged as XR500 and still screwed up. BIG ANNOUNCEMENT=SCAPEGOAT 3.0 prove me wrong
  2. Yea, with the lack of QA and/or professionalism I wouldn't either. You can't give a timeline for an issue you fail to even try and resolve ya know. Not blaming you. If I were you I'd be leaving before it tarnishes my rep in IT/Tech. That sounded harsh after posting so I thought I'd add this... This issue started with Bo3 in the tail end. It has gone on unresolved for over 3-3.5 yrs. Through a OS milestone and several annual releases of the same game. What is strange is MWR worked perfect even though IW was a PITA. So the filter is set correctly as was it set the same in the beginning of Bo3. Also note this same explanation by Fraser has been given since that time frame. Of course Netduma you will post some BS, to save face, about not seeing posts go back that far blah blah blah. How about spend the time you spend looking at post history to find a resolution. Several people here are users from long ago that have been banned over and over for your failure to even try to resolve issues only make deals with a larger company who has brought zero help to the board just more issues and slower updates. Some of those very updates crippling the device. You can ban me but the fact still remains. Netduma staff you know and I know the truth. If you choose to sit on it that's on your conscience to carry. You universe and karma to pay for. Sad, sad, sad.....
  3. You should go back and look at the same issue posted by several people in bo4 and see that it was never resolved. Ok so if that's the official word then I am done using this thing. It's a bit ridiculous to know that this has been going on for years with the only resolution being to tell the devs yet again.
  4. Without a doubt stay on the R1 cause the Xr500 and Xr700 have not fixed any issues, actually added some.
  5. Can we get a a date on when all of these known issues will be fixed? We've been hearing this since launch.
  6. I can't explain it any clearer than I already have. You not understanding is your own issue not mine. Yes this forum is for people helping others but if you cannot even understand what I am saying then can you really help? Also, as far as me helping others I have posted about this very issues since the tail end of BO3. They, Netduma, Know about it and have NOT fixed it or been able to keep up with cloud updates.
  7. Jesus fucking Christ dude. I don't know if you are twelve or if this is a language barrier or what. I know how to use the router. I know where the servers are, I've been using a Netduma since day one I am an early adopter. You do not understand so leave it at that. It's okay not to know the answer, but to muddy up someones post requesting support/answers is a form of harassment. I asked you way early on to stay out of it.
  8. Fraser, this is unaccaeptable. You guys said the same BS since IW. Bo4 was ruined by this. I eventually had to just pull the router out and use a different router. So since you are giving me the same song and dance... I assume that means no resolution in sight for MW either.
  9. I strongly suggest you aren't comprehending what I am saying. Again, I appreciate it but you are drowning my post with stuff that is NOT useful to my situation.
  10. I know how it works. Been using an R1 since day one. I appreciate the offer but you're not comprehending what I am posting. I want PA on 22ms because I know there are a huge amount of mislocated 22ms and lower servers for Texas. Always are. PA of 22ms should not be placing me in P2P servers of 71ms and higher. Also with my geofilter radius on top of the actual true server location for Texas it should be selecting them but instead is ignoring them. It blocks them but doesn't show a blocked icon. You live across the world from the US. So does the Netduma team. I believe they have become relaxed in their cloud maintenance and basically screwed up all of USA. There are more people that have had issues just as long as I have, I have seen the posts. Mos tof them 95% lived in the USA. They just either give up and never come back or they are lurking to see if their post ever gets answered by Netduma.
  11. Also, Fraser you nor your team ever explained why I can see my own ID every time I run a PSN speed Test/Network Test. bdd015e06d5c6d72 I've been saying this for years but the explanation never comes.
  12. That's great. There will always be people that it works for and people that it doesn't. If you can't relate to my issue directly best to save your breath it just gums up the thread.
  13. So the geofilter is not even working at all. All of my matches are P2P letting the router calculate the IP and info of the HOST. Weird cause my filter is on top of Texas server I know are present AND my PA is set to 22ms, this is always been a good setup for me until IW, WW2 and Bo4 now MW. The router is literally blocking my auth as well as active servers in Texas. I can verify this by turning the geofilter off and immediately conencting to the server within my radius that are 17-22ms tops. Also when it finally does connect it's P2P and the latency to the host is over 70ms and up to 274ms. I know someone is going to chime in with the regular BS, why is your PA so low. Well look, this isn't 2014 there are people with FttH and pings of 10ms or lower. I want to hit servers with ping as low as possible if I have to raise the ping to 30 or worse 50ms it defeats the entire purpose of having the device. 50ms ping is 70ms in game latency and there is a HUGE difference in play.
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