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I'm just an old school Netduma guy.

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I'm sure you are all familiar with this screen


Well, this is from an Advanced Warfare game session.  I'm back into this game and I'm having a blast.

AW is fully hybrid as we speak (Dedicated Servers and P2P) and this is why -at this moment- this router shines.  There is no way I could force P2P without it.

I'm under the impression that newer COD games will assign you the best Dedicated Server for your region by default. Plus, hybrid matchmaking is not a option.

Jump into a AW game, squeeze Geo Filter around you and see for yourself.

Have fun.


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Ah yes, truly respective and I would definitely jump in. Only problem, no disk. I had purchased the disk way back and no longer have it due to the infamous GameStop strategy. Good times in AW. Always loved how it felt to thrust uppercut into oblivion.  

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