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Not sure where to post this.

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Has any one ever had this issue before?


I've had issues with my router recently and connection, which are all now fixed, thank to help from here.

So I've had to start again, reset it all up and now its working.

But when I connect to wifi on certain sites, sky shield is coming up saying its blocking the site?

I don't understand where this is coming from, as I'm with plus net?

Is my line conflicting with some one elses line?

Its fine via a wired connection, but not wifi, (I'm connected to my wifi)

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I was reading a few threads about this online, they suggested some rather unlikely scenarios like a crossed copper wire connecting you to a neighbor or something, however I think there's simpler explanations that we should look at first.

Theory 1: It only happens on WiFi, so you are accidentally connecting to a neighbor's unsecured wireless connection without knowing it

Theory 2: You have some malware on your computer which is displaying a fake Sky page to fool you into giving personal data

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1. 100% connected to my my 5ghz XR500 network.

2. It only happens on Wifi devices, I've tried my phone, my wife's phone, daughters phone and son's phone and the wife's tablet, all the same. So not sure its malware.

Going to change the wifi channel when i get home and some one has told me, which i don't believe that my router if connected on wired network via powerlines, it can affect the wifi and push my connection or share it with next store, if the passwords on them are the same and for that reason my wifi is out putting via there router. I find that hard to believe, Or I have a dodgy neighbor thats clone my wifi some how.


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Do you think you could temporarily change your SSID and see if your old network remains visible? If there's any cloning going on, I imagine that it wouldn't instantly update itself to reflect your new network.

Also, using powerline adapters, I wonder if the electrical circuits between your houses could be connected in some way? Once again that's a long shot but i'm just spitballing here.

I would definitely recommend changing the default network name for the powerline adapters. At home I have some TP-LINK adapters, and I was able to change their names using an android app called TPplc. I was able to confirm which powerline adapter was which by selecting the option to "turn off LEDs" and seeing which one reacted.

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Yeah I just couldn't believe what has been happening and what I've been seeing.


I've had no issues with the wifi since I've had the router NewFie.

Most of my issue have been with it locking up, corrupting the operator system and having to re-flash it and the slow updates by netgear.


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