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Getting put back into same lobby after waiting 2 minutes


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Hi all,


This has happened a few times.


I search for a game(Advanced warfare on 360) get into a lobby lag is really bad. I leave. Wait the 2 minutes.


Search for a game again and puts me right back into the lobby I just left.


I am waiting 2 minute sometimes 5 minutes. All circles disappear from filter.


I reboot router within settings/misc.


Search for a game. Says no game found wait 15 minutes and finally get into a totally different lobby.


Every time I have to reboot router.


Not sure why this is happening.

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Sounds like a simple case of low player count.
Since there is one free lobby during the 2 minutes followed by a long 15 minutes to find another lobby suggests that all the lobbies were full at that time and there were no other players except for you in the 'region' that you have allowed in your Geo filter.
So once another lobby finishes the game or someone leaves in that other lobby, then you were able to join it.

Your only option is to widen your geo-filter range and experience a bit more lag or just bear with the long waiting time.

Or you could get a PS4 where there is quite a high number of players out of all the platforms though the player count is dwindling for AW no matter what platform you are at nowadays.

I myself am currently enjoying BO2 more but to better prepare for BO3, I've been using the PS4 controller on my PS3 to play BO2 to get the feel of the game all the way to the release of the BO3 beta.

Just my 2 cents...

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Just to add to AsNCo's post I'd suggest playing around with these suggestions

  1. Set your home location, then put the distance really small, press the 'Snap' button a few times to auto expand the Geo-filter to an optimum size for getting games.
  2. Increase the Geo-filter to include the padlock so you get into that game.
  3. Disable strict mode, this will allow more games to be connected to, please note they may appear outside of your filter.
  4. Move your home until you get a different host or padlock appear (you may have to restart the game but may not) and bare in mind our anti cheat if you connect to games and continue to try and find other hosts.
Also ensure auto and bleeding edge cloud is ticked and applied in miscellaneous settings. 
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Hi Jason - I think it is the low player count.  I don't play AW, but I have played a lot of the older CoD titles since acquiring the [Duma] and I also experience this when the player count is low (i.e. the overall number of players in my Geo Filter are minimum at best).  


One thing I have found is sliding the Ping Assist to "0" (Effectively OFF) and then opening up the Geo Filter using the "Snap" feature, which is located just to the right of the Home and Magnify buttons.


It may or may not work for AW.  Good luck. 

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