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CPU Temp display

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On 08/07/2019 at 20:42, Tripper said:

idk si le xr500 a des lectures de température mais irait bien avec l'utilisation du processeur.

vu que le firmware de Merlin a des fonctionnalités intéressantes comme celle-ci et DD WRT1268825075_AsusRT-AC86Utemperaturewithoutfan.thumb.png.29297b1e2bd1193b6b62d35e3408e1a3.png


very good idea but unfortunately This feature will be put in 2 years given the speed of updates
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Well we're initially focusing on features that lots of users will find helpful, whereas a temperature gauge seems kind of like a nice extra for power users rather than something that everybody would use.

Might be good for diagnosing problems though. If a router is constantly turning itself off, we could use this to figure out if it's due to overheating, so maybe it's worth integrating sooner rather than later... Depends how easy that would be, and since i'm not a developer I actually don't know.

I'll ask the devs how feasible this is.

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