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Cant achieve full download speeds

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I have tried disabling QOS , put my superdud 3 in modem mode with no avail , im on the latest and greatest firmware and hardwired , without duma i achieve 380 down 37 up with it connected 87 down 37 upload.   

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If you've got an Xbox One, might be worth running a detailed network statistics test with QoS disabled to see what speeds you are actually getting, failing that a PC\Laptop with Windows 7.

Had an issue myself where my speed decreased and it took a lot of troubleshooting only to run a detailed network statistics test on the Xbox to notice that I was getting the speed I should be getting and then a re-installation of Windows 10 to find out it was an OS issue and not the Router\ISP which was causing the slow speeds.

More recently had the same exact issue then googled it and found out that if you have Windows 10 that one of the updates for May/June caused the problem, reinstalled Windows again but straight after the 1809 update, downloaded and installed the 1903 update and so far so good.

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