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R1 Router - No IPv4 connection but IPv6 works sometimes (some websites work while others dont)

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Hey guys,


today my connection got upgraded to vdsl and therefore i received a new router from the ISP. Its a Fritzbox 7430. Now of course i want to use the R1 and the Fritzbox has the option "PPPoE Passthrough" for that which allows devices that are connected to the Fritzbox to also login via PPPoE. (I have to do this since the R1 doesnt have VoIP for DECT phones or an inbuilt vdsl modem but the Fritzbox has that)

Before i get to the problem, here is the setup:

Phone Socket ---> Fritzbox 7430 LAN1 ---> R1 ---> PC/Console and any other network device connected to the R1

All that the Fritzbox does is:

- handle the DECT phones

- Fritzbox wlan turned off

- act as a modem and passes everything to the R1

- the fritzbox uses DS-lite Tunnel for IPv4 which could play a big role in the problem! Does the R1 support IPv4-ro-IPv6 translations such as DS-lite Tunnel? I only have an IPv6 Prefix listed under IPv6, for IPv4 it says DS-lite Tunnel.


Now the problem is that when i use the Fritzbox PPPoE Passthrough and set my correct PPPoE login data into the R1 PPPoE field, i only get IPv6 internet connectivity but no IPv4. (open wlan connections in windows, then rightclick on netduma r1 and then status). In the Network settings of the R1 below PPPoE i havent ticked any other box (MTU, MAC cloning, DNS Override).

Also the IPv6 connectivity indication in the status options will sometimes vanish too yet some internet sites still work.


- youtube works with the R1

- twitch doesnt work with the R1

- netduma forum works with the R1

- web.de (my email hoster) doesnt work with the R1

- any website works with the Fritzbox (when using the Fritzbox instead of the R1)


Here is the R1 log if that helps, note that my R1 internal clock is screwed up and shows a wrong time:


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How would i do that?

Do i pick dhcp instead of pppoe in the netduma settings then? Also not sure how to configure the dhcp service of the fritzbox, what do you need to consider there?


Ive ordered an IPv4 for 5€ a month from the ISP now and it works now with the, however id prefer your setup if that doesnt require me to use the IPv4 option.

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On the fritzbox, enter your PPPoE details, make sure that its DHCP server is enabled.

On the Netduma, change your WAN settings to DHCP, and the fritzbox should recognise it and give it an IP address.

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all right thanks, and the port forwarding and everything else that the r1 offers will still work then, right?

I wasnt sure if that will also work via dhcp but from what i know dhcp messages also share other network details so it might as well work.

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