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XR700 is not reaching the 940Mbps speed on the WAN Port

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I have run 10Gbit through 5E cables so the generic off Amazon cat 7 and cat 8 cables are not worth it to waste money on. Get a good cat 5E or 6 cable and be done with it. Only time I would go 6A or higher is for fixed installations in walls etc. Patch cords are cheap enough to replace when you need it.


First or all there is no true cat 7 or cat 8 cables for sale at that price.


The cable body is hopefully made from cable conforming to the cat 7 or cat 8 spec. On most of these braided cables you can’t even check. The connectors however, to conform to true cat 7/8 spec you need special connectors which are hugely expensive and not generally used on these cables.


Spec for these cables is for 100m distance, actually 90 meters + 2x 5m patchcords. So if these cables don’t meet spec nobody is able to prove this in the first place since 99.9% will be used for 1Gbit connections where you can also run 5E.


Also gold plated connectors. The STP connectors are there to block EMI and need a full shielded cable. So using gold has no advantage here. Run away from these.


Tdlr, het anything off your local store and be done with it.

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Ya, find you some good CAT6 cables going. Find a reputable place to get good quality cabling. Don't get something cheaply made or found at a local store. Been using CAT6 for years since it first appeared and 1Gb LAN speeds hit. Zero issues with it. CAT5e is ok however doesn't officially support 10Gb nor has same performance handling and CAT6. I recommend not mixing CAT versions as well. Keep with CAT6 on everything and you'll be fine for years. 

On 8/24/2021 at 11:40 AM, Mrbchambers said:

Those prices are really good for those cables, though unfortunately, I am in the UK so couldn’t justify the P+P, 


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