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Netduma destiny 2 PC settings

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greetings fellas,

i just bought Netduma and as stated in the title i play destiny2 on PC, i live in Saudia Arabia and i really don't know what is the best settings to go, would u please assist me from A to Z in this regards?



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Welcome to the Duma Army! Here's the settings i'd recommend.

  • Go to - username: admin - password: password
  • Go to Device Manager, find your PC. If you're not sure which one it is, use the MAC address and IP address to figure it out, then give it a unique name. Make sure device type is set to Computer.
  • Go to Geo-Filter, press Add Device, choose your computer from the list (unique name you just gave it), then choose Destiny (PC)
  • Now at press Filtering Mode under your computer
  • Open the side panel and UNTICK Strict Mode, Destiny is incompatible with Strict Mode
  • Set Ping Assist to a ping you're happy with. Set it at the highest you'd be happy playing against.
  • UNTICK Fast Search
  • Now set your home location on the map, and set a range around you of around 2000km. Increase or decrease as you like.

Now try the game, and see how you get on.

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thank you for such a quick response i appreciate this,

i tried the same setting as you told me, I don't know if that is a big difference but the guys are happy with my host in comp, but there is something I see all the other duma user see but not me which is the host on the map, it was showing that before the update. is this normal?

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I had the same problem, my suggestion is to use for such game a console as PS4 or Xbox. I hate to use my PC for games because it becomes after some time very slow and it it very annoying and impossible to use it for work. That is the bad part of PC on windows because it can easily become corrupt and slow over time, resulting in unpredictable behavior, sluggishness, incorrect files and software. For that I am using PC optimization software ( you can check https://thinkmobiles.com/blog/best-pc-optimization-software/ for best ones) Now I understand why a lot of people think that Mac is better.

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