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  1. Hi! Since I installed this Open Beta, my experienced has been surprisingly good, in general, configurations wise. 😁 So far no problems with the games. But, I found issues with my PlayStation 4 when I'm in a Party Chat. This issues has never been present before DumaOS : I cannot Share Play. The speed test is very slow (red bar!!). Theoretically, it should not happened because my PS4 is detected to be High Priority in the QoS tab. NAT issues and cannot talk with some players. Within the same range of the issues with Share Play it almost impossible to Remote Play my PS4, even locally with my PS Vita. 😧If it connect, this is unusable and always have the connection issue icon upper left corner. This is frustrating to not be able to talk with my friends with a simple Party Chat. Sometimes the workaround is to chat within the games but we all know the audio quality is not close to a Party Chat. I hope this will be fixed easily and soon. Kind regards! 😉
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