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DHCP & Device Manager

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I have the XR700 and my girlfriend and I both work from home.  We occasionally get internet lag and issues.  I use WebEx alot and notice it more during conference calls when connected using my laptop headset.  I found that there was always a DHCP renewal happening.  My lease time is set to the default 24 hours.  The DHCP is renewing at random frequencies of once per minute to once per hour.  Based upon recommendations from Netgear community, I have set my DHCP to .100 to .200.  I am also assigning reserved IP addresses on the router for most of the more critical devices (computers, phones, tablets, TV, PS4, etc.).   Of course, I am leaving the devices as DCHP (not static).  After making these changes, it seems to have help but now my device list is all messed it.  In some cases it shows multiple IP addresses for a single device and many are listed twice (one with name and other as unnamed).

1.  DHCP range is set to .100 to .200.  Is there a problem with assigning the reserved IP address from .2 to .99?

2. What is the maximum number of reserved IP addresses that the software will allow?  

3. Is there a way to clear out the entire device list? or do I have to just turn off WIFI and ensure all devices are disconnected to delete them one at a time?

4.  If I do clear out the entire device list, will it mess up the reserved IPs or cause other problems?

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Clearing out the entire device list is something we might add in future. Right now you either have to delete manually or factory reset.

I believe that the device list is linked to the reserved IP list since you get a list of devices when you reserve an IP, so I assume that clearing the device list would interfere, i'll check.

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