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I have been using the Netgear Xr500 since August 2018 with much success. Two nights ago our smartTV (Vizo) started acting wonky. I could load the Netflix and Hulu apps and select a show (Brooklyn 99). The episode would load, the intro would play, then I would receive an error message stating that there was a communication problem  (for example, on Hulu I received error 5003). I reset the TV and rebooted the router, but, alas, no success.  Last night when playing Titanfall 2 I lagged out of 5 consecutive games (I think I've only lagged out of one since I've been playing). The ping was outstanding - 40-60 ms), but I would suffer long "freezes" one of which would boot me from the game.

I performed a hard reset on the router and a soft reset on the modem. After struggling to get he router back online the Hulu/Netflix issue persists.  No changes were made to the router's OS. This came out of the blue.




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Hi Chad - tricky one to know the cause immediately here. It could just be an issue with your Internet line that might have been acting up that night.

To rule out some potential causes, could you upgrade to this hotfix firmware which solves some disconnect issues: 


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