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  1. This may have already been discussed, but when settings are saved, the router reset, and the stetting imported, device names given in the Device Manager are not retained. Keep up the good work guys!
  2. I did see the hotfix and will try that when I get home. I checked my ISP first and the line looked good. Also did a speed test and ping plotter and all results were WNL. chad
  3. Greetings, I have been using the Netgear Xr500 since August 2018 with much success. Two nights ago our smartTV (Vizo) started acting wonky. I could load the Netflix and Hulu apps and select a show (Brooklyn 99). The episode would load, the intro would play, then I would receive an error message stating that there was a communication problem (for example, on Hulu I received error 5003). I reset the TV and rebooted the router, but, alas, no success. Last night when playing Titanfall 2 I lagged out of 5 consecutive games (I think I've only lagged out of one since I've been playing). The ping was outstanding - 40-60 ms), but I would suffer long "freezes" one of which would boot me from the game. I performed a hard reset on the router and a soft reset on the modem. After struggling to get he router back online the Hulu/Netflix issue persists. No changes were made to the router's OS. This came out of the blue. Thoughts? chad
  4. Great job guys! Where do I find the pink assist. I saw that it was in the geo filter, but cannot locate it. Thanks, chad
  5. Thanks for the feedvback. I did not change any settings. Before the update I always got ping values. But as you noted the app is functional in game.. good work folks! Appreciate all that you do..
  6. I just updated to the newest firmware (.32). My ping r-app is now displaying "There is currently no host or server to ping." Any suggestions on how to correct this? Much obliged.
  7. Thanks for the quick response. If (when) I disable ipv6 should I re-enable port forwarding? If so, do you have a recommended configuration?
  8. Greetings, I'm a noob to the XR500 (about a week now) and this forum. In an attempt to improve my gaming experience I went to replace my old Netgear router with the Linksys WRT32xb and simply could not get good performance out of it. I then returned the Linksys and replaced it with the XR500. The router, the dumaOS, and the interface are great. Can someone provide feedback as to how I have my XR500 configured, especially as it applies to Titanfall 2. I have 100 down, 10 up from Comcast and am using a Netgear CM600 modem to connect to the router. The XBox X is hard wired from the router to the console. Taking this in order of the settings pages: - I have the DNS pointed to google on both the router and XBX. - The XBX reserved ip address is entered as the DMZ, my NAT is set to open, and I have reserved the XBX ip address in the LAN section. - UPnP is on - Although I used Port Forwarding with my old router, I found that doing this with the XR500 decreased performance. - Anti-buffer bloat is set to 60% both ways and I have allocated 60% of up/down to my console (please don't tell my wife) - I am in spectating mode and the Geofilter is set to the TF2 default. - I do have my ipv6 active, but I've read in some of these forums to turn it off. My service does provide ipv6 and was used with my old router. The dashboard indicates that my ping usually ranges between 50-60, but will spike in the 100's. Oddly, the first night I used the router my ping was at about 40. XBX gives me a latency of ~52. Any sage advice would be appreciated! Thanks, c
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