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  1. Done. Still showing offline. Time for a hard reset?
  2. The Xbox is identified on the "Devices Table" showing the correct MAC address, no IP address, and the offline status. It also appears offline in the tree. There are no conflicting MAC addresses. It just dawned on me that today is a holiday. I appreciate you taking the time!
  3. I have only used a hardwire from the router to the Xbox. The Device Manager currently does not show anything for the Xbox so I cannot tell the IP address, but the last time I updated the device names the Xbox was recognized with the correct IP and MAC address (I did not change any settings for this). I do have connectivity and am able to connect to games, but it is obvious that the QOS is not functional. Appreciate it!
  4. My router is no longer recognizing the Xbox as being online (it is, promise). On the Device Manager tab it indicates that the port that the XBox is assigned to is connected, but in the device list (and in the tree) it shows that the device is offline. This is affecting the QOS routines. Any advice on how to fix this? Thanks! As always, your help is greatly appreciated. EDIT: This is a new issue. Previously the router was recognizing the Xbox.
  5. Greetings. The problem has been resolved. The setup is router (pure) -> xr1000 for reference (if it does you any good now). Thanks so much for your help!
  6. Greetings, Over the I upgraded from the xr500 to the xr1000. The new router was set up from scratch (did not import the old configuration file). Great job improving the interface and new features in 3.0! I am unable to maintain an open NAT type and the XBox (series X) does not recognize UPnP. Screen shots of the Xbox yelling at me and the appropriate settings from the xr1000 are attached. I performed a hard reset of my modem, router, and xbox. Upon restart I had an open NAT and UPnP was recognized, but after a few games it reverted back to the prior state. Do you hall have any insight on how I can correct this? Thanks for your help. Chad
  7. This may have already been discussed, but when settings are saved, the router reset, and the stetting imported, device names given in the Device Manager are not retained. Keep up the good work guys!
  8. I did see the hotfix and will try that when I get home. I checked my ISP first and the line looked good. Also did a speed test and ping plotter and all results were WNL. chad
  9. Greetings, I have been using the Netgear Xr500 since August 2018 with much success. Two nights ago our smartTV (Vizo) started acting wonky. I could load the Netflix and Hulu apps and select a show (Brooklyn 99). The episode would load, the intro would play, then I would receive an error message stating that there was a communication problem (for example, on Hulu I received error 5003). I reset the TV and rebooted the router, but, alas, no success. Last night when playing Titanfall 2 I lagged out of 5 consecutive games (I think I've only lagged out of one since I've been playing). The ping was outstanding - 40-60 ms), but I would suffer long "freezes" one of which would boot me from the game. I performed a hard reset on the router and a soft reset on the modem. After struggling to get he router back online the Hulu/Netflix issue persists. No changes were made to the router's OS. This came out of the blue. Thoughts? chad
  10. Great job guys! Where do I find the pink assist. I saw that it was in the geo filter, but cannot locate it. Thanks, chad
  11. Thanks for the feedvback. I did not change any settings. Before the update I always got ping values. But as you noted the app is functional in game.. good work folks! Appreciate all that you do..
  12. I just updated to the newest firmware (.32). My ping r-app is now displaying "There is currently no host or server to ping." Any suggestions on how to correct this? Much obliged.
  13. Thanks for the quick response. If (when) I disable ipv6 should I re-enable port forwarding? If so, do you have a recommended configuration?
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