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Fps on servers black out


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Hello ! Firstable, sorry for my english 😅

It's been around two weeks that i realized when i am on a gunfight on black out, i have lag as if i have a low frame rate.. so yesterday evening, i played 3 hours, i watched host rate on geofiltering tab and it gave me this 01AB3C3A-1BF7-421F-B40B-757CB7B7C636.thumb.jpeg.f001e7f7d160f1f4895abf2e14a36833.jpeg

If i'm not mistaken, it shows that i played on 20hz server ?

I'd like to know if some of you have the same thing ? And if we can do something ? My game isnt fluid, while i have fiber, ps4 pro, ethernet cable cat7..

Thanks !

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  • Netduma Staff

Yep seems to me like you're playing on a 20hz server. Black Ops 4 is riddled with them depending on where you live - they never truly upgraded them. The best thing you can do is block them if you see them, but if you start not being able to connect then you might have blocked too many. There's only so many servers!

I hope you appreciate being able to see your tick rate using DumaOS, we certainly find it useful when we're scouting for good servers.

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