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XR700 Lag Spikes

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Hi All,


         I recently just got Fibre optic cable internet (NBN FTTC) 100 mbs download and 40 mbs upload. I have the QOS set at 70/70 with my Xbox one X 20/20 in device prioritization. I play Pubg, Cod WW2, Black Ops 4 and Halo 5 and during these games I get regular lag spikes which cause lots of deaths, friends that I game with also say that my party chat cuts in and out during these lag spikes.

My Xbox is hard wired and I have open nat.

Today I decided to disconnect the XR700 and just game with my ISP gateway router and I never had one lag spike. Once I reconnected the XR700 the lag spikes began. I seen the below in the forum and wondered if this could resolve my issues?

"That's a huge Geo-Filter range, put that to 1000km to make it tighter and get a closer server. Okay strange, toggle SIP ALG in WAN Settings as well, that may help with chat with QoS on and in Internet Setup change the connection to static rather than dynamic. Then make sure you've put the speeds you've paid for in Anti-Bufferbloats settings, set to Always and put the sliders to 70% for download & upload. Do a wired PC speed test, do you get the expected results? If so don't worry about the console test for now, see if you get the disconnects/lag spikes and auditory issues." 

My nbn connection is also ppoe so I'm not sure whether that would cause any issues. Appreciate any help and advice.

Kind Regards,


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try the solution that you pasted in red and see if that helps. Are you using UPnP and if so try disabling it and use port forwarding follow this guide if you have never used port forwarding before.   PPPoE should not matter as I also have PPPoE so we can rule that out. Do you put your gateway/router in bridge mode or modem mode, if not then do that and let the XR700 handle PPPoE connectivity. Let us know how it goes and please remembr if you do use port forwarding to do the setup while console is off and to give you xbox a statip ip address in Lan section of the XR700.

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Just pasting what we recommended on Twitter in case we continue the thread here:

Hi Dogga - could you try downgrading back to this firmware and let us know if it then improves. If it does, we should be able to get a new hotfix firmware over to you from Netgear:


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