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9 hours ago, Hst said:

How do you set up the DMZ I know how to navigate to it.

On your modem, go to Advanced > DMZ, press Enable, and put the WAN IP address of the Netduma router into the v4 host fields. I believe you can find the WAN IP for this in the Device Manager on the old R1 firmware. You may also be able to find it on your modem too if it has a Device List.

Then leave the v6 host fields blank. Now press save.

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Could you check your user guide? I see there's a link at the bottom on your Xfinity modem's setup page. I don't understand why it won't let you enter just an IPv4 address for the DMZ, but since i'm not an Xfinity support engineer I can't really help you with that i'm afraid.

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