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You will be having a placebo effect.  NAT type should be open and it would be idiotic to be able to select either open, moderate or strict.  The description below applies to the PS4 aswell as the XBOX!


NAT Type Open

NAT Type Open is the goal when setting up an Xbox. In order to get NAT Type Open on your Xbox you need to do one of the following:

  • Forward the Xbox Live ports in your router to your Xbox, or
  • Setup a DMZ in your router pointing at your Xbox, or
  • Have a fully UPnP compliant network. Usually this means having a router that supports UPnP and it is enabled.

Any of the above methods should net you a NAT Type Open on your Xbox. Our site recommends a port forward as the best option to get NAT Type Open. DMZ is the easiest choice, but it's a bit overkill and best reserved as a testing tool for network problems. UPnP is a really dangerous protocol and it allows any piece of malware on your network to forward a port to any device inside your home without you knowing it. We keep UPnP turned off on our routers for increased security.

NAT Type Open means the following:

  • Your Xbox may or may not be behind a router.
  • If your Xbox is behind a router, then your router is aware of your Xbox and is forwarding incoming packets on predefined ports to your Xbox, usually 3074.
  • Your Xbox is able to receive incoming packets from the internet including connection requests from other players.
  • You are able to be the host of multiplayer lobbies.
  • You should have no limits on chat, video.

If you have NAT Type Open on your Xbox then you are done. There is nothing more for you to do.

NAT Type Moderate

NAT Type Moderate is a confusing term because it doesn't really have a solid definition in the networking world. The best that we can tell is that Microsoft came up with this term to keep confusion down, but then failed to define exactly what it means causing greater confusion in the end.

You do not really want NAT Type Moderate on your Xbox. It's certainly better than Strict, but it is almost guaranteed that things are not going to work right. They might work right now and then not work at all in a few days. You might have greater lags, higher pings, and general difficulty joining lobbies and chat. You will almost never be the game host.

The apparent characteristics of NAT Type Moderate are:

  • Your Xbox is behind a router.
  • You might have UPnP half working forwarding some ports but not others.
  • You might have some ports forwarded but not others.
  • Your router might have a firewall that is blocking some packets but not others.

Some users have reported that you can get NAT Type Moderate if your router is able to forward ports from some users but not others. This implies that the Xbox Live NAT Type test is hitting your network from multiple servers during the NAT Type test and seeing if some of the packets make it in and some of them do not. I highly doubt that this is the case.

If you have NAT Type Moderate you need to forward ports in your router to your Xbox in order to get NAT Type Open.

NAT Type Strict

You do not want NAT Type Strict on your Xbox. If you have NAT Type Strict then you definitely do not have your ports forwarded correctly. This can also be caused by having multiple routers on your network.

NAT Type Strict means the following:

  • Your Xbox is behind at least one router
  • Your router is not fowarding incoming connection requests to the Xbox.
  • You are NOT able to be the host of multiplayer lobbies.
  • You WILL have limits on chat, video.

If you have NAT Type Strict then you need to forward ports in your router to your Xbox in order to get NAT Type Open.

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  • Netduma Staff
2 hours ago, Derlandes said:

I realized that when my NAT is moderate, I can kill enemies more easily. It would be interesting to have options to choose my NAT type on ps4.
Example: Nat strict, moderate or open.

Big Dog is absolutely correct above. NAT does NOT affect gameplay, in any way shape or form. It's a physical impossibility.

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