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SFQ Protocol - Bufferbloat


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each persons connection is unique to them. There are too many variables for a 1 size fits all method. Set your sliders to 70/70 and make adjustments accordingly. DSLreports isnt the most reliable website for bufferbloat testing anyway that is why pingplotter is the chosen method that is advised on this forum.

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  • Netduma Staff
8 hours ago, Derlandes said:

It would be interesting to add the SFQ protocol to combat Bufferbloat.
Taking advantage of the post, I play a lot of call of duty Ghosts. What is the best setting for this game?

Yeh Pingplotter will give you the best results in this area - try and find your 'sweet spot' where you can stabilise your line and receive decent speeds at the same time.

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