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PS4 rest mode not allowing auto downloads

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Hi Guys

I’ve recently purchased the XR700 😁 great bit of kit. Everything is working as it should except for 1 thing. My PS4 has failed to activate the automatic downloads whilst in rest mode. I’ve never had an issue with the auto downloads until I changed over to the XR700. It’s happened 4-5 times now, it’s even more frustrating when you come home from work, fancy a few quick games and find out there’s an update waiting to be downloaded. I’ve tried changing the settings on the PS4 side to no avail. Just wondering if there’s anything on the router side that could be blocking/stopping this from happening. Any help would be greatly appreciated 😁


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Hey, welcome to the forum!

I haven't heard of anything like this come up before. I would suggest you remove the console from the Geo-Filter and disable your QoS settings completely and see if the next time it has successfully downloaded updates. Also what firmware are you on? Router may not realise it's trying to download when in standby mode.

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Ive always had issues with the ps4 downloading in rest mode. It seems to be very unreliable at best and i normally have to check for updates manually. My friends also mention this. Ive had this problem even on my Apple router and as my friends suffer this too its down to the ps4. 

Theres an update today on the ps4, reliability one which normally means its an update that will break something.


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