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Full remote access to DumaOS

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Ive been thinking about this a bit, as the Netgear apps are basic with their features, i was wondering if the DumaOS on the XR700 could get remote access that will let you have all the features of the DumaOS dashboard, remotely, via web browser. I believe this would be a great benefit as i spend most of my time at work, and a perfect example is ive has a few issues with my XR700 and trouble shooting usually has to wait until i get home to fix. Another good example is right now i need to review the log file and fix a "connected device" blocking issue and i need the log file, unfortunately it will take me approx 32 hours to access that info. When i could spend my time now on nightshift fixing it while im doing nothing haha. Probably easier said that done, but its an idea :) 

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34 minutes ago, Netduma Fraser said:

You can actually do this already by going to Settings > Advanced Settings > Remote Management. Once you've enabled that you'll be able to access your router interface from the internet and change settings how you wish.

Thanks :) 

I can remember activating that feature, but I don’t remember seeing the web address with my IP and port number. I’ll have another look when I get a chance :)

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20 minutes ago, goblin said:

Fraser...I don't see remote management on the XR1000. Am I missing something? I know Andy is on the XR700 but I was just wondering since I just read this.

No you're not missing anything, it doesn't appear to be present, I'm not sure why as the other XR routers have it - that'll be a decision from Netgear

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There is another way.


if you go in advanced settings and activate VPN service. You need to set up a OpenVPN GUI client on your pc or mobile device. And then you can acces it via that. You get access by simply typing the local IP since the VPN connection has a local IP as well.


Best way to do this is by having a DDNS account set up as well in case you have a dynamic IP.

This doesn’t work well with CG-NAT PPPoE though. At least on one of my fiber connections I can’t get a host name for my router, just for the devices.

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