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  1. That is correct Jack, although i did miss the call, assuming it was NETGEAR calling from a unknown number, couldnt call back, so still pending.
  2. Hi all, Just a update. Just been in contact with NETGEAR, they dont seem to know whats going on as i need to see the devices in my app to be able to block/unblock them. Waiting for a call.
  3. Hi Fraser, I have sent you a private message with my log file which contains more detailed info. So other admins can see ill post the error the log file show below ive only removed my MAC addresses: [Access Control] Device SUMMERS-IPAD with MAC address xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx is allowed to access the network, Tuesday, March 12, 201 [DumaOS] RPC call 'block_device' exception 'ERROR: Rule not found in chain stack traceback: ^I?: in function '__new__' ^I?: in , [DumaOS] Long call 'del_rule' exception 'ERROR: Rule not found in chain stack traceback: ^I?: in function '__new__' ^I?: in fun, [DumaOS] config write 'com.netdumasoftware.devicemanager.database', Tuesday, March 12, 2019 16:08:49 [DumaOS] config write 'com.netdumasoftware.devicemanager.database', Tuesday, March 12, 2019 16:08:08 [Access Control] Device SUMMERS-IPAD with MAC address xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx is blocked to access the network, Tuesday, March 12, 201 This happens when using the NightHawk app via 4G to block the device, then using the DumaOS dashboard to unblock the device.
  4. Thanks I can remember activating that feature, but I don’t remember seeing the web address with my IP and port number. I’ll have another look when I get a chance
  5. Hello again Fraser, According to my profile, i signed up on January 7th 2019, unsure when the upgrade took place. I believe i have figured out the issue, if i sign in using my username it works. if i sign in using my email, it hates me 😐 today isnt my day haha
  6. Ive been thinking about this a bit, as the Netgear apps are basic with their features, i was wondering if the DumaOS on the XR700 could get remote access that will let you have all the features of the DumaOS dashboard, remotely, via web browser. I believe this would be a great benefit as i spend most of my time at work, and a perfect example is ive has a few issues with my XR700 and trouble shooting usually has to wait until i get home to fix. Another good example is right now i need to review the log file and fix a "connected device" blocking issue and i need the log file, unfortunately it will take me approx 32 hours to access that info. When i could spend my time now on nightshift fixing it while im doing nothing haha. Probably easier said that done, but its an idea
  7. No problem, i believe I have rebooted the router after the issue happened. I’m currently at work on night shift (2:09am here in Australia) so I’ll also try and recreate the issue with a second iPad and see if it creates a new log file within the next 32 hours when I’ve got the time. I’ll post back here with my progress if it hasn’t been solved by then
  8. Hi all, I’m not sure if it’s just me, but when I try and sign into the forum using display name/email, it doesn’t recognize my password, caps lock isn’t on, and I’ve tried on iOS (safari), windows pc and chrome. It continues to give me the red “password incorrect banner”. i then need to reset my password, when I reset my password it automatically logs me in, but when I log out, or my session times out and I try sign in again it always results in my account being locked for 15mins. I then have to reset my password every time I wish to log in. is anyone else experiencing this? Or is it just me? Regards, Andy
  9. Hi Fraser, thanks for your reply. I have also tried connecting both apps (Nighthawk and Genie) via localhost with no avail. When I am at home, I generally log into the DumaOS to block/unblock devices (mainly the kids iPads when it’s late) as I use the geo-location filter a fair bit. I have a feeling that the more platforms used to try and unblock the device, unless you can remember the sequence you tried to unblock it with in reverse, it becomes a kind of Rubix Cube. i want to avoid factory resetting the XR700 at this stage, as I loose all of my device names. I’ll leave it how it is at the moment, Incase you need a log report or more diagnostic info
  10. Hi all, I purchased the Nighthawk XR700 router. I’m quite happy with it. I’m experiencing only one major issue with it, I think it may be more of a DumaOS software issue. Here’s what’s happening, When using the nighthawk iOS app, and I block/pause a devices internet using the app over 4G/LTE connection via remote access, it works flawlessly. When I log into the router via localhost when I get home to unblock/unpause the devices internet, is shows as a black icon meaning it’s internet has been paused. When I use the DumaOS to unpause that device I click on “unblock” and the device icon in the network tree turns back to red, showing it’s now unblocked. It turns out that the devices internet is still blocked and I can not use internet on that device anymore. I’ve tried rebooting the XR700, rebooting the device, using the nighthawk app, and also the netgear genie app which all show the device is unblocked, but it’s not. This has happened before with another device, which I found out that if you block the device using the nighthawk app via 4G/LTE you need to use the same app and 4G connection to unblock the device, which works. If I use the app to block a device, then use the DumaOS via local host to unblock it, it won’t work. So I have to block it again in the DumaOS software in the modem, then revert back to the nighthawk app to then unblock the device which works. In conclusion, if blocking a device on the app it needs to be unblocked on the same app. Not on another platform. Having said that, no matter what I do now I’m unable to unblock the device. I’ve also tried forgetting the Wi-Fi access point on the device that can not be unblocked, and reconnecting to both 2.4ghz and 5ghz access points with no success. It’s now getting frustrating, not being able to use that device, which is a Wi-Fi only iPad. Regards, Andyj986
  11. One thing that comes to mind for a suggestion is when selecting device bandwidth in QoS, when adjusting one device to say, 5mbs and another to 20mb for example, it takes the overall percentage from devices ive already set to have a specific amount, and not change the percentage of other devices, i understand the principal behind it, but would be nice to have a variable there for an option to have a "Fixed" selection that doesnt change and if i have a total bandwidth of say 100% (100mbs) for example and i want 5 wifi devices (Kids ipads streaming youtube videos) to have both ipads set to not exceed 2mbs at that time, then when im finished downloading or gaming etc, i can then set them to about 5mbs without it subtracting a percentage from my main important devices , and a "variable" selection that will change the QoS percentage as needed (like what it does now). Then if the "Fixed" option is selected, and only 7 devices out of 20 have a bandwidth allocation and the others still have a 0.00mbs or 0%, i can then divide the remaining 13 devices to have 0.50mbs of bandwidth, whilst the 7 important ones can be allocated a higher amount that doesnt affect the others. i Spend ages tinkering with percentages, then when i change one device, it changes every devices percentages to accommodate the new change, which can be frustrating at times. Especially when ya like where it currently is and need to make an adjustment to one device that might need a touch more bandwidth. Hope that makes sense, it did im my head haha, but i believe my description has made it more difficult to understand what im trying to say haha.
  12. Any ideas on where we can obtain themes from for the new support? Or is this still in development?
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