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Wrong Geographical Region?


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Are you using a VPN? If not, this is just a mislocation by the game. Getting exact locations for every IP address is challenging, so they will sometimes get it wrong.

I wouldn't worry too much though because you have the Geo-Filter. You can force a Californian / West Coast server each game.

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If you're not using a VPN then sometimes ISPs will buy new IPv4 blocks that are not registered correctly or updated showing incorrect info. Also Nationwide ISPs will list several areas within ARIN. On top of this, different devices somehow come up with different geolocations based on the registry info. So you're PC may show California and then your PS4 could show New Jersey. In that case it's possible that within the ISPs registration data there could be location 1-2-3-or 4.... It's hard to say exactly without further troubleshooting if it's causing an issue. 

The only way to really know is to see it for yourself. If your device/game shows New Jersey and you are forced to play on East Cost servers with a physical location of California then it's highly suspect. That being said, this week after PS4 and XBox both opened up Grand Heist new mode, Hot Pursuit, I have been in several matches with kids from France while I'm in USA. So it could just be another broken matchmaking issue on CoD servers with the latest update push. 

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