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  1. Setting it to 70/70 did significantly improve my bufferbloat scores.
  2. My ping, packetloss, DL bandwidth, UL bandwidth seem fine. My bufferbloat scores are terrible. But other than that, I still would love to know what it is that I'm reading. What do those lines indicate? What is causing them?
  3. So are we not supposed to see these in our logs? I tried searching for this months ago and found nothing. I would love to have this fixed as well, or at the very least explained what it is that I'm reading.
  4. Server location on the map: San Jose, California Host Type: Dedicated ID: 9718e1acb5366469 Domain: Ping: 153ms Your location: Sacramento, California The website https://whatismyipaddress.com/ indicates that this server is actually in Wichita, Kansas.
  5. Anyone know why BO4 reports that my region is Mount Laurel, New Jersey whilst I actually live in California? Is this affecting matchmaking? Can I fix this?
  6. Just tried to upgrade and it said upgrade failed with exitcode 1. What should I do? EDIT: After searching this thread, another user had the same error code. He fixed it by rebooting his router, then trying to update again. In the instructions on page 1, it mentions that I should not reboot if I get an error. EDIT2: I gambled and followed that other user's steps and the upgrade worked.
  7. Hi all, my router says "R1 debug version 1.03.5m running on rb-951g-2hnd" at the bottom of the page, can I download and install this update like normal? It mentioned not to install each update in sequence which confused me because months ago, I installed 1.03.5m so technically installing 1.03.6 would be in sequence.
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