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Network monitoring

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Hello dear team,


I was wondering if there was a plan to create an advance monitoring configuration that would allow to do port mirroring? 

for instance, port 4 LAN mirroring all traffic from 1,2 and 3 but also the Wifi interfaces.

The idea behind would be to figure out the traffic going through the router from a monitoring perspective.


Thanks in advance.

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The use case is quite simple here.

I'd like to monitor and analyse all the traffic that goes through my lan as well as my XR500. 

In fact I can do that from an WAN perspective (as I have a mirroring switch between the XR500 and my modem), but it seems I cannot do that from a LAN/Wifi perspective.

PS: I work in network low latency monitoring... so it is kinda of the job kicking back in :) 


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