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  1. Hi Alex, I get that, still fail to understand why changing from one mac address to another and updating the entry in the Device Manager prevents the Geo Filtering... Anyway... Just disconnected the console from the range extender and connecting straight via WiFi... Everything works. Regards, FX
  2. Hi Alex, I had two records (wifi and wired) and when I saw that the Geo Filtering wasn't working, I decided to start afresh as I assumed there could be some caches somewhere, so I cleared up everything I could (Geo Filter hosts) and Host Manager. So right now I only have the Console (wired connection) with the ethernet address that the RE650 provides (as as declared in the host manager). The RE650 does not allow to change the mode from what I read, it only supports proxy mode. I still do not understand why changing the MAC address of a machine would prevent the Geo Filtering from working (Assuming of course it is only IP based). Regards, FX.
  3. Hi Alex, Thanks for the answer. The only active DHCP server in the one on the XR500 the one on the RE650 is deactivated and on top of this, the console has a static IP (no reservation). Is there a sort of technical doc on how the Geo Filtering is applied (a.k.a. working in NetDuma OS), I would bet it is using IP information linked to the device(s) but by the look of it there is a bit more to it than just the IP info. I understand if this cannot be shared due to proprietary information. Regards
  4. Hello all, I have this weird issue that recently occurred and is still present. First, my geo filtering was working absolutely fine on my console, when playing a known game I was seeing servers and players on the map. All good I had a wired connection via powerline. The geo filtering just fine when activating the Wifi on the console (XBOX) so far, so good. Then I changed my setup to add an Wifi Range extender (which I use as a relay to avoid cables) to my console (TP-Link RE650) and this works a charm, faster throughput and all. However, that device does ethernet (MAC address) rewrite (it changes the ethernet address of the console when transmitting the frames and from what I read most of the Wifi Range extender do...). So I removed the previous records of the wired console connection in the device manager, started the console and created a new record with the new ethernet address. I also added that new device onto the geo-filtering (and removed the previous entries). I also restarted the whole infrastructure to make sure there is nothing cached anywhere, ISP Router, XR500, RE-650 and the console. But since I've put the RE650 in place the Geo-Filtering does not seem to work at all. Reverting to the previous configuration does work just fine (powerline or direct wifi). Any idea on how get to get the geo filtering working using that new ethernet (MAC) address. --Edit- I use the last version of the firmware on the XR 500. And happy to provide any log that is deemed relevant. -- Regards, FX
  5. Before asking for the link, I'd like to know what are the features of that trial firmware so at least I would know what to test/look for/expect when deploying it onto my XR500. Is there such a list somewhere ?
  6. Hi all, Maybe a silly question, but I see the theme menu in the UI for the XR500, but there is no theme available at all.. Is there something to do to access the themes ? I am running the latest firmware version. Regards,
  7. TheFx1


  8. Indeed they do I have one icon for the XBox Wifi iface and one for the wired one. Happy to send you screenshots in MP, but my network is quite a busy one so it might not be super readable
  9. Hi Fraser, I can tell you that my XR500 runs with the latest firmware and it does not seem to be happy with it. The ethernet addresses the only difference is the last ethernet value :EA vs :E8, they are however both listed in the device manager, maybe because when looking at it in table mode, the connection is marked different (Wired v Wireless). Happy to send further info if required.
  10. Hello team, I do not know if I am doing something wrong, but there it is. I have a few devices that are on my internal network and their traffic goes through my XR500 router and these devices do not require internet access, for instance, management interfaces of my switches and management interfaces or my Powerline adapters. They show automatically in the Device Manager (which I am happy with), I then block them in the Device Manager as they do not need internet access, however, they are still listed in the QoS screen and as I use the share excess function, they are allocated some bandwidth. I was expecting them not to show in the QoS and hence have no bandwidth allocation. Could you please confirm if my expectation is wrong or not ? Thanks in advance,
  11. Hello team, A suggestion for DumaOS. I'd love to see the support for multi-homed (Multiple network interfaces) machine and group them under the same "host" to ease the configuration and bandwidth allocation. A typical example is an XBOX (supports both wired and Wifi), but if the wired interface is connected the wifi is not connected and vice and versa. So in the current situation, I had to define two "hosts" in the device manager and it added another machine in the QoS window and hence lowered all the other devices "reserved" bandwidth. I'd rather have a device that could be either of the Ethernet address and for which I could define one bandwidth allocation. All the best,
  12. Happy to contribute if I can. Looking forward to plenty of amazing features. Keep in the great work
  13. The use case is quite simple here. I'd like to monitor and analyse all the traffic that goes through my lan as well as my XR500. In fact I can do that from an WAN perspective (as I have a mirroring switch between the XR500 and my modem), but it seems I cannot do that from a LAN/Wifi perspective. PS: I work in network low latency monitoring... so it is kinda of the job kicking back in
  14. Hello dear team, I was wondering if there was a plan to create an advance monitoring configuration that would allow to do port mirroring? for instance, port 4 LAN mirroring all traffic from 1,2 and 3 but also the Wifi interfaces. The idea behind would be to figure out the traffic going through the router from a monitoring perspective. Thanks in advance.
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