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11 hours ago, stalker4hire- said:

I have no clue how many people are on or not on PC/PS4/Xbox/Switch.  But it would really be nice if we could get sections or subsections for platform specific troubleshooting and advice for the duma. 

That's an interesting idea. Our initial thoughts were that folks could go to the Gamertalk section to chat about consoles etc. Our off-topic forums don't get much traffic / posting, so we figured if we split it into subforums for each piece of hardware it could just feel lonely... There would no doubt be a Nintendo Switch subforum which is almost entirely empty most of the time!

Maybe once we grow a bit more we'll consider splitting it up. Thanks for the feedback!

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2 hours ago, Believerguy said:

what is the point of having forums ? 

the device settings are the same for all console / PC. there is not even a single diffrence 

That's almost true but there's a few differences. Different devices (depending on whether the game in question features cross platform play) might have different server infrastructures, use different services or require different ports to be opened. I'm guessing the main benefit of subforums for each would just be to chat with fans of the same device though :)

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