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  1. Giving the users the option to disable or enable the logins is more than good for me. It's optimised on xbox one x except for three things 1) login 2) Geo Filter zoom misses up the location if you try to change your location while its 2.5X zoom in. It will give you a different location than the one you selected 3) After clicking on location label. You have to wait 5-8 sec before choosing your prefered location in the map. Otherwize it will give you a different location. 2 and 3 are minor things and can be solved.
  2. The only issue I had with the Duma OS is this Because I am not able to access my router page through Xbox one x' Microsoft Edge Browser. I hope they allow us to control whether we want have a logins or not . or just fix the problem tht occur to Xbox one browser.
  3. Restart the router and the modem till it' is open That's what I do . and almost 90% of restarting the modem or/and the router , It fixes the problem It can take more than one restart. but if it shows Moderate or strict Nat all the time, That means it's from your end. Either the IP is not the same as the IP you have forwarded the ports to . or it's not static IP so it always changing or you haven't setup WAN IP for your router and haven't made DMZ through your modem
  4. what is the point of having forums ? the device settings are the same for all console / PC. there is not even a single diffrence
  5. I tried that already multiple times but it doesn't seem to change and it doesn't seem to be the problem. after multiple resets of the router, I was able to get it back though. Thanks for the comment anyways
  6. I think I Bricked my router because I have downgrade from Duma OS beta version it to 1.03.6j . It's weird because a lot of posts talk about that they haven't experienced any of what I have been experiencing. Now I can't access my router page . I tried to reset my router 4 times but it doesn't work. The router page still showing 404 Not found Don't downgrade your router version. If you upgrade it , stick with it. Don't take unnecessary risk. and no I wasn't having a version lower than 1.03.6. since the day I have bought the router. The version has always been 1.03.6 I Downgrage my router according to http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000085792-downgrading-back-to-the-original-r1-firmware-from-dumaos
  7. everytime that I reset my Router . This is my process. Look at how long it will take for me to play . Turn my pc on and wait 1-1:30 min to load enter the website and change the settings. turn off my pc. Switch to xbox one x and then play. It pisses me off to do this almost every 2-4 days. Why does it have to be like that ? In Netduma original OS. I don't have to do this. with a push of a button , I can go to my browser and go over the settings. and don't tell me to use a phone and connect to my router, I can't access through my phone If I reset it because the wifi password is not there and for some reason the devs have changed it That's beside the fact that the phone takes a bit of time to load what is in the page compare to xbox one' Internet browser or PC browser and guess what , not every one has a pc. someone else has to use their phone to go over the settings. the phone screen and the interface of the map is so small that you can't even choose your location . and even if you could somehow , It's not a practical way to do it. Netduma r1 and Netgear 500 gaming router is not like a typical router where you can set it up once and you are ready to go. the settings has to be changing depending on the players in your area and the servers or the host you want to be connected to . I use geo filter almost daily and change it accordingly. so this is a big deal for me. and It could be a big deal for some of the users. some may don't mind it. Let me guess . PS4 and Xbox one users counts for about 40-60% of your customers base. their browser is not intended to utilize the router interface. Don't you see a problem with that ?? It doesn't have to be perfect like in a pc browser. I am not saying that. but it has to work at least.
  8. That is subjective . I disagree and even if I could agree with you on that. how am I supposed to keep changing the settings over and over and over again . over a phone or pc or a laptob . thats inconvieniace . I have been using geo filter almost exclusively on xbox browser and it works but its a bit glitchy and thats only happens when you choose your location on geo filter and I dont mind that as long as it work, I just have to wait about 1-2 seconds to pick my right location and I dont have any problem with that. thats besides the fact that xbox one browser has gone through many updates and became better over the years. the only issue it has currently that its kind of slow . but interms of functions , there are not many diffrences between Microsoft edge pc version and xbox one. thanks for the responds though , and kindly consider giving your customers the option to take out the logins name and password, and let them go directly to the router page or just fix the issue in the future
  9. Using xbox one 'Microsoft edge , the [router page] can't be accessed because it requires a login. and it doesn't show login form through Microsoft edge from the xbox one for some reason. and it directly show Authorization Required message. Just to clarify . this message doesn't appear in any way using Microsoft edge or any other Internet Browser in PC unless if you purposely and intentionally canceled to enter username or password after the logins form appears. but in Xbox one the login form never appears and directly show the message. There are 2 solution : either take out the logins, or make the login accessible like any other router that can be accessed with Microsoft edge through xbox one.
  10. Black ops 4 Nat is moderate while Xbox one Nat is open This happens only through Netduma R1 router. but when I switch to other router , It doesn't happen and the Nat is open Let me walkthrough what I did just to prove to you that its not an issue from my end. I made DMZ through a modem and changed my router Wan IP so it can be the same as DMZ IP I have made a port forwarding starting from 1 and ending at 65535 for both TCP and UDP to my Xbox one x I have disabled unpn through the modem and the router so , What is the problem exactly ?
  11. Solution : http://forum.netduma.com/topic/22863-ww2-p2p-host-here-is-how
  12. https://www.adslgate.com/dsl/showthread.php?t=2434876 Prove : http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Bader91/video/40080161
  13. Its applicaple on any routers. Settings have nothing to do with any of that. I have used Hawawii router at that time.
  14. Have done it again. It worked. Select multiplayer When you at the multiplayer menu Unplug the wire from your device .it will Disconnect the game from internet. You will recieve an in-game notice "Notice" "You must have an active network connection to play xbox live or system link matches" Plug the Ethernet wire back and press ok "Accept" Then click on Xbox live. Search for a match. If you find 1 / 2 players joins you . That means you are the Host . If you found your self joining others. That means it didn't work for you. Go back and do the same steps and try a different mode : domination or search and destroy etc. And notice what happens.
  15. Today Was my first time being a Host in COD : WW2 in Xbox one X How do I know if I was playing a p2p Host match ? Because when I disconnected, it shows Host immigration 95% . It means 2 things It was a p2p host match not on the didecated server . It means I was the host also. Somehow there is a way you can be a host. I Don't know exactly how I did it . But it was related to disconniction . Try disconnect while you are in the game. Then connect and try it. This has brought me back to COD : BO3 . Because I have done it also using the same method. Good Luck.
  16. I'v used the same settings I'v used in Infinite Warfare ..... it worked , I get the lowest pings I can get ... in COD But I got the opposite in R6S ? Sir, can u explain why ?
  17. Netduma is not useful at all using Rainbow Six Siege [PC] I get better pings using my main modem . not only that , but I also get a stable ping ..... Why is that ?
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