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Moderate NAT is better for me then Open NAT - Blops3

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I really don't understand this, but when I have moderate NAT my "play" is so much better. I don't even know what happened to give me moderate NAT. I just had two solid games on Blops3 and it wasn't normal. My normal experience using this router has been mediocre at best. That's with open nat. For some reason last night NAT was moderate. I was seeing people, shooting first and killing them first. My normal experience is quite the opposite. So many 1 shot kills, wtf kills, etc. 


Anyone have any explanation for this? 

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Kind of depends on your connection, others connections, how the system is working while gaming and your impact on the game while gaming could all be playing a roll in this.

If your the only one gaming with one game console, then you should have OPEN NAT. Always if your modem and router are configured correctly. BO3 is known for inconsistencies in it's NAT status and how it handles NAT.

Is your ISP modem a stand alone modem or does it have a built in router?

What ISP speeds UP and Down do you pay for?

How is your console connected to the router? Wireless or wired? Wired is preferred.

How is the router configured? Any Port Forward configurations or just using uPnP?

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With open NAT, assuming you aren't connecting to servers, you could be getting host and then playing in lobbies with many high latency players. If the average latency of a lobby is past a certain threshold, something like 51% of the average latency will be added to yours so you aren't effectively at "0ms" (host meaning you act as the server). That's the only thing I can think of.


At times I've gone from UPnP to port forwarding or vice versa without remembering to finish setting up for my console's IP, loaded into the game with moderate NAT on not seen a difference. In contrast to your experience, I've generally had better games either pulling host or playing on another player's host (even if it's a higher latency one) than playing on a server with very low (<10ms) latency. In fact the last time I forced myself to avoid servers on IW I had a whale of a time, regardless of whether I was host or connecting to a 60ms one in Denmark or Serbia or something lol


Last time I played on a host I got this https://youtu.be/A2XWkatKZUMnotice how the connection got worse when it migrated from a 52ms~ Danish host to a 27ms~ French host LOL. I didn't pull host myself that day, but I did the day before and it was one of the best connections I'd had in 18 months. Strange considering it's just half a frame difference away from playing on my local server (7ms) and there are worse update rates when playing on a player host (more than 10ms of difference), yet my local server gives me laggy games 9 times out of 10. Go figure :)

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