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Can't access to Geo Filter

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Good morning,


I have my XR500 for several months now and i never encounter any issues with.


I used to play a lot on PS4 and i decided to switch to PC.


Everything worked fine until today when i wanted to launch The Crew 2 open beta, impossible to connect to Ubi server.


So i wanted to check if my Geo filter was on "Spectating Mode" and impossible to access to the Geo, a pop up say "uncaught unmtatched device"


What should i do ?


Thank you so much.



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The device added to your Geo-Filter will have renamed itself. Rename it back to what it was in the device manager and the error will disappear. Alternatively if you have any devices in the offline branch of the device manager delete these and the box may disappear. Factory reset will also fix it if the prior doesnt.

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