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  1. If i connect my PS4 directly through my ISP modem and port forward i get instantly open Nat. When i connect my PS4 through my XR500 connected to the ISP modem it's always moderate NAT, whether i boot my ps4 in spectating mode or not. I also try to turn off Upnp on my ISP modem and let the XR500 open the port for me, still moderate.
  2. Hi sorry for the late answer i wasn't at my place to try. So i try to boot the ps4 in spectating mode and still moderate. Then i put the ip adress of the ps4 in the WAN setting of the XR500, still moderate...
  3. Hi all, Once again i'm stucked with a Moderate Nat. I tried to disable UPnP on my ISP modem and let the XR500 does the UPnP still moderate. I tried ti disable UPnP on my XR500 and port forward the port, still moderate. Some help please
  4. Hi Frazer, thank you for answering, yes it works in Incognito
  5. Hi everybody, I wanted to reboot my Nighthawk cause it has been a while. Since i hit the reboot button, the Duma OS is stucked on the loading screen. I have internet via my Nighthawk, all the LED are light up but i can't access to the Dumos OS. If i open a new tab and try to connect to, i see my dashboard but then it switched directly to the loading rebooting screen. Please help.
  6. Hi guys, Thanks for answering, yes that port forwarding rule finally opened my NAT. All my thanks
  7. Thanks for the answer. When i boot the game in spectating mode, the NAT is still moderate...
  8. Hi, It's been almost a year i have my XR500 and i never had any issue having an open NAT. Since i was having so many issues finding games on Black Ops 4 (like everybody), i decided to plug directly my PS4 into my ISP modem. And now that i wanna to go back to my initial configuration : Internet - ISP modem - XR500 - PS4, i'm always having a moderate NAT. I did everything you said on that thread, i even factory reset my XR500. On my ISP modem, UPNP is disable, all the port forwarding rules have been deleted and my XR500 is into my modem's DMZ. On my XR500 UPNP is enable and i can see that the UDP 3074 is active. Also my PS4 says that i have a NAT type 2. Any help ? Thank you
  9. Thank you for your answer. Can you give me the best way to do a factory reset ? Thanks a lot DAF
  10. Good morning, I have my XR500 for several months now and i never encounter any issues with. I used to play a lot on PS4 and i decided to switch to PC. Everything worked fine until today when i wanted to launch The Crew 2 open beta, impossible to connect to Ubi server. So i wanted to check if my Geo filter was on "Spectating Mode" and impossible to access to the Geo, a pop up say "uncaught unmtatched device" What should i do ? Thank you so much. DAF
  11. Thank you all for your answer, i'm gonna order on newegg.ca
  12. Hi all, Just a message to ask you a 2 simple questions : - I'm the owner of a Neetduma R1, is it worth to switch over the Nighthawk ? - I live in Canada and i can't find any store to buy it. I bought my R1 on Amazon.ca and only Amazon in the US has it and they ask me like $70 for import fees... Thanks for your answers.
  13. Hi, I let the Netduma make the auto set up of my bandwith and the speed is back. However, my online experience isnt as you as good as it used to be, so i get back to my old my setting. Thanks a lot for your answers !
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