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Pingplotter results - need feedback


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Hello everybody!


Did some testing today. First of all here are my details to my internet speed: Down 100, Up 10. Laptop was wired to the R1 with 100% congestion to the laptop, shared excess unticked. Made a speedtest on www.speedtest.net and got only 50 down. The upload speed was always right. When I connect my laptop to the isp router I get full speeds of 100/10. 


Here are some images from testing on pingplotter:

Can somebody tell me if this is good or bad? The last image is where I have a Triple A+ on dslreport with 45down/60up in the congestion control and where I also tested on pingplotter. I appreciate every feedback. Next week Im getting a new ISP and hope I will have a better connection. Even hardcore modes on cod are unplayable for me. Thx in advance.







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Putting the PingPlotter test setting 'interval' on 2.5 will give you a better idea on jitter.


Anyways, it can be seen you do have alot of jitter.

Might you be on cable internet? As it sure looks like it.


Hello bro, thx for your response. Yeah Im on cable. In my area I cannot have fibre connection unfortunately. :(

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