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D7800 x4s modem only

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Trying to set up xr500 with d7800 x4s which has modem only facility - if I have two netgear products on same network how do I access www.routerlogin.net which one will it default to cannot find any documentation on x4s for modem only mode


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I no this is an old post now but i to have been scratching my head in regards to this and have finally found the tried and tested answer, so first of all what i had to do was set the D7800 up as modem and router with the correct username and password from my ISP once the router was configured and the internet was working i then went into the advanced setting and changed to modem only mode then did a pppoe connection test from the lan port to make sure i was getting the connection and in Auth.

I then connected the XR500 to the lan port of the d7800 and ran through the set up wizard until i was fully ready to use the connection, now the weird part i wanted to see the sync status but could not get access to the modem no matter what i did with the login details or ip addresses.

So just by chance after getting stressed and wound up the Ethernet from the d7800 which was connected to the wan port on the XR500 i removed this and placed into lan port 4 on the XR waiting for a minute typed in the 192 address and would you believe it it brought the sync stats up of the d7800.

I have no idea why it would work this way but it does all i can say is netgear routers are weird.  

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