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  1. Just a quick update had to factory reset the XR500 as i was encountering throughput issues with speed bouncing all over the place wired and wireless but this has been resolved now also checked cold war multiplayer and GTA 5 no issues with double Nat 👍 thanks for the help can close if need be thanks.
  2. Sorted all done brilliant thanks for the help Fraser have a good weekend 👍
  3. Ok so a reboot didnt work but a factory reset did and now shows the wan ip on the XR all seems to be working wifi turned off on the fritz box, now the only thing is when i go to the fritz box and click internet from the drop down menu then permit access, then tab for port sharing in the device menu ive selected the XR then IPv4 Settings then ticked the box for Open this device completely for internet sharing via IPv4 (exposed host) there does seem to be an option to enter the wan ip of the XR
  4. Hi Fraser thats correct connection type down wan ip status disconnected
  5. So ive having a go at connecting the XR500 to the fritz box with no joy wondering if ive missed something layout below grateful for any help. 1. fritz box 7530 now main router in sync and Authenticated with ISP 2. Ethernet cable from Lan port 1 fritz box to wan port XR500 / also tested from Lan 1 to 4 with no joy 3 turned wifi off fritz box and logged in. navigated to exposed host, from the drop down menu i can see devices but not the XR500 4 Have i done a config incorrectly or has anyone got a run down of the correct config thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks Fraser ill give that a go hopefully resolves the dropping sync issue.
  7. Thanks for the reply did you have to change any settings in the fritz box, turning wifi off so it doesn't conflict with the XR500 and when you connected the XR500 to the fritz lan port does the dumaOS software work as it should apart from the minor you mentioned with the browser and any issues with double NAT.
  8. Does anyone know or had any experience connecting the XR500 to a fritz box 7530, my current set up is Net gear D7800 as a modem and XR500 but it appears the D7800 is faulty and keeps dropping sync . Thanks
  9. Thanks for the help ive cleared the cache again and this has worked many thanks
  10. Hi Liam, currently using google chrome cache cleared and no add blockers enabled, bit still get the same issue i can try safari browser later if that helps or if youve got anymore tricks i can try thanks.
  11. Afternoon guys. Ive just started using the latest beta firmware again in hope the little issue i was having would disappear but it hasnt when i click on QOS settings iam getting device not found, so ive done two factory resets and also gone back to the original FW then tried again with the beta .120 but still get the same issue, is there anything else i can do or is it a case of go back to 114 and just wait for a full release thanks. EDIT rolled back to V2.3.2.114 then done a factory reset and set back up still having the same issue
  12. sorry i should of been more accurate what i meant was when i do a bit of searching i get result on the line of 5 to 10 meg down should be set and about 4 meg on the upload but as you say gaming usually can run pretty well on about 1 MBPS so was just wondering what you guys would recommend as a balance to be fair i only play GTA 5 online and cold war online
  13. just out of curiosity how much does online gaming need for bandwidth down my sync speed currently is 70 down with a throughput of 66 meg and 17 in sync up throughput 16 meg ive currently go the antibuffer bloat set to 79 down and 70 up i keep getting mixed results when i search for bandwidth and online gaming.
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