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  1. Hi! I bought this awesome router. I have a little problem. When I play NHL and FIFA on Playstation 4 I can't hear voicechat in game, partychat works flawless but not in game voice. Any clues? View the full article
  2. I am at a lose I cant seem to stream 4k movies on vudu. I finally was able to get to stream a 4k movie earlier when i turned off QoS 100% When Qos is on I go to stream a movie and I get a network error has happened then the app crashs. I have messed with bufferbloat turned off the DumaGames turned things off and on . I would like to be able to use QoS tho. View the full article
  3. Hello, im new on here so please be patient, at the moment I’m using a nighthawk s8000 switch with my virgin super hub 3, I have bought a nighthawk r8000 router, should I just use the r8000 with my super hub 3 in modem mode, or also use the switch, the ports on the r8000 will be enough for me View the full article
  4. this is the same screen i get on all router pages, i have reset several times to factory defaul and still no access to the router. its creating massive lag spikes, so i have unplugged it. i have owned this for a week and had issues from day one. not only that i cannot contact support as that dosnt work either. not happy with spending £250 for this is there any support that can advise on here. View the full article
  5. Hi all, I am wondering if the AXM765 SFP+ ports are now compatible with the Nighthawk X10 R9000 model. I need to use RJ45 in the SFP+ port. View the full article
  6. Hello So i am having an issue setting up my Nighthawk xr500 i play competitive CoD (Call OF Duty) and need the best (Fastest Settings) also there a few Amazon firesticks in my house and i Stream my Gaming) Also when my mom watches TV on the amazon firestick she usally gets alot of buffering while doing so i turned the upload and download on the QoS to 70% now at this point id just think that its the amazon firestick but this is not the case since apparently it didnt do it as much when i was using the Default ISP Modem/Router Combo (Xfinity) My Download is 470 MBPS and Upload is 12 MBPS Please Help out View the full article
  7. For the most part the XR500 is a great router. THAT BEING SAID, without solid parental control capabilities, the router is just a plain waste of money for any family with kids. Manually turning on an off internet on week nights is tedious and unnecessary. At the least, NetGear sghould post a video on hour to schedule turning off an on specific IP/Mac addresses to help parents that may not be that technical. Its time for DUMAOS and Netgear to get this feature added to the router. They have been taking about it for quite some time, but for some reason it has not been a priority. NetGear DUMAOS is this a planned feature? And if so, WHEN???? View the full article
  8. Hi Guys, I Own an XR500 nighthawk router. updated with latest firmware. I've recently been having 100mbs/40 with my isp. No issues. Upgraded to the 250mbs/100, and the weird thing is isp is saying its all good and nbn are saying its all good. I run the setup with my router (as it determines speeds) and it detects the 250mbs HOWEVER- i then pull open a speedtest browser and the test starts at around 130mbs and slowly falls to approx 105mbs. I can't help thinking the router is playing up with speeds? as when i bypass the router I get 250mbs. Someone please help View the full article
  9. Hi Everyone,Excuse my lack of knowledge but I am looking for a Router to do the following and I "think" the XR500 would be suitable for my requirements.1) Throttle Bandwidth per device. So for e.g. Mobile phones I want to set a maximum upload/download 2) Set schedules when the device can use the Internet 3) I want to log all IP addresses / websites being accessed in real time or close too accessible with history. My kids are getting at an age I want to see what they are doing.Thank you for your timeRegardsBran View the full article
  10. Un grand merci a BIG DOG ainsi que netduma jack pour les explications qui m'ont ete envoyées. Ceci dit je laisse le xr500 seul car il travail mieux seul que avec le s8000 pour mon utilisation. Par contre j'ai constaté que le routeur me donne toujours les mêmes vitesses , à savoir 300 up and 300 down, même aprés 10 test mais les sites de speedtest ou testdedebit.fr j'ai toujours des resultats inferieurs alors je ne sais pas quoi choisir comme vitesse à mettre dans le routeur afin de ne pas subir les lags!! Avez vous une petite idée s'il vous plaît? View the full article
  11. i have a computer and a xbox one x maybe 30 feet from the wifi router RX500 nighthawk with a wifi booster connected maybe 5 feet from it to boost the signal which gives me 200-250 mbps of download and 15 upload which is perfectly fine i like this speed but sometimes out of no where it says while im playing on my xbox one x that i lost internet connection then a maybe a minute later it comes back.. i have never had this happen until the rx500 nighthawk was added to my xfinity account before i used a simple 100 dollar wireless router never lost internet connection.. also what pisses me off with this i work 9-5 everyday so when i get home sometimes i have no internet connection at all until i unplug my router wait 30 seconds and plug it back in then i have a connection again this is everyday im having to do this when i get home, but it is fine when i get up which is usually between 5-6am cuz i have to take 2 large dogs out so i play on my xbox for about 2 hours before and everything is fine except i lose internet magically then it reconnects without me having to do something.. but then when i get home no connection at all till i reset the dam router.. i would like to know is this a definate problem with everyone else or is it my router? if its my router is there a patch i can download or do i have to get it replaced with the warranty? View the full article
  12. When will a new update for the router. Since the last update has been already as much as 2 months. You have there that one person is working on updates is obtained. As I will not read the message then here's catch the beta version of the cute person. How much can you wait. Since the release of the router itself, it has not been possible to complete a single full-fledged update, which has been added at least something big or new. You just promise and promise. Already coming to the end of the 8th month with the launch of the router in the company, and you just make mistakes. And those can not repair. Shame and shame on you. View the full article
  13. bonjour, Je viens vers vous afin de savoir si quelqu'un a deja fais ou connais la configuration" branchement et utilisation "du xr500 avec le switch s8000, quel mode activer dans le switch et le xr500? comment brancher ma playstation4 ? sur le switch ou sur le XR500? et puis je beneficier des deux QOS? J'ai besoin d'aide pour y voir plus clair ? Merci beaucoup View the full article
  14. I recently purchased the XR500 AND S8000 (bundle from Costco for price of XR500). I will try to be as specific as I can with my setup and the issues / concerns I'm experiencing. My Setup: Cable (200Mbps / 12 Mbps) > Modem (Netgear CM1000) > Router (Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500) > Switch (Netgear Nighthawk S8000 Gaming & Streaming Switch) (HP Pro Curve Switch x2 - J9449-60001) Connections to XR500: S8000 (Ethernet Port 8) to XR500 (Ethernet Port 1) / HP Pro Curve Switch to XR500 (Ethernet Port 2) / HP Pro Curve Switch to XR500 (Ethernet Port 3) Connections to S8000: Xbox One X to S8000 (Ethernet Port 1) / PS4 Pro to S8000 (Ethernet Port 2) / Apple TV 4K to S8000 (Ethernet Port 3) XR500 Settings: UPnP On (checked) / NAT Filtering - Open XR500 Settings: Geo-Filter - Devices (Xbox One X / Xbox One S / PS4 Pro) All Set to Filtering Mode XR500 Settings: Geo-Filter - Options - Strict Mode (checked) / Auto Ping Host (checked) XR500 Settings: Geo-Filter - Map (Distance Set to 1560 miles) XR500 Settings: QoS - Anti-Bufferbloat - Options - Goodput (checked) / Disable QoS (not checked) XR500 Settings: QoS - Anti-Bufferbloat - Always / Upload (70%) / Download (70%) XR500 Settings: QoS - Bandwidth Allocation (38 devices) - Upload / Download (Xbox One X - 50% / Microsoft Xbox One S - 25% / Remaining Devices - 1%) XR500 Settings QoS - Traffic Prioritization - Dumas OS Classified Games Enabled (checked) S8000 Settings: QoS Enabled Latest Firmware Installed on XR500 (v2.3.2.22) and on S8000 (v1.7.0.6) Issue / Concern 1: I've noticed, when playing Elder Scrolls Online, that sometimes I experience noticeable lag (never noticed lag with previous router - Asus RT-AC5300) Issue / Concern 2: It seems that no matter what I do with Anti-Bufferbloat settings (On or Off) / QoS settings (On or Off) / Traffic Prioritization settings / Geo-Filter settings), my PING remains the same (between 20 and 24 using PingPlotter App). I've ran several speedtests using DSL Reports and always have achieved an 'A' for Bufferbloat. Issue / Concern 3: After reading another post regarding the XR500 and S8000, it seems QoS enabled on both the XR500 and S8000 might be a problem. I really don't want to disable QoS on the XR500, but not sure whether the S8000 or the XR500 would do a better job. Question: Do I have my configuration (XR500 / S8000) set up correctly (see connections above for details)? Should the Xbox One X / PS4 Pro be connected to the back of XR500 instead of S8000? Note: When I check the 'Port Status' on S8000, the Xbox One X (connected to Ethernet Port 1- Gaming) shows Linked Speed at 10M Full, the PS4 Pro (connected to Ethernet Port 2) shows Linked Speed at 100M Full, and the Apple TV 4K (connected to Ethernet Port 3) shows Linked Speed at 1000M Full. I'm wondering why the Xbox One X has only a Linked Speed at 10M Full. It seems that should be more (as well as PS4 Pro) since the Apple TV 4K has a Linked Speed at 1000M Full. I'm hoping I can get some help trying to figure out what is going on, as I feel something isn't right with the router and my setup. Please let me know if you need further information. If I experience any other issues, I'll be sure to post them. Thanks for taking time to reply with any troubleshooting suggestions. View the full article
  15. i just upgraded my net to Gigabit so how do i get my router to be like hey your net is faster then before? View the full article
  16. I’m having issues connecting from my current providers router via RJ45 into the XR500 the internet maintains and continues red. View the full article
  17. I have Nighthawk R8000 router and everything was working fine for playing Age of empires 3 online. After the router update now i get red ping and cant even join players to play online. I play lots of games on PS4 and Xbox 1 and have no issues at all but the problem is only with age of empires 3 on my MSI gaming laptop. I did open ports and dmz but still im facing the same issue. View the full article
  18. bonjour a tous Est t'il possible de connecter le xr500 sur le port 1 du s8000 mode gaming activé afin d'améliorer davantage la connection? Si non, que puis je faire? merci de votre retour View the full article
  19. How do I fix packet loss with my Xbox on this router. I have QoS setup where every device is low except the Xbox (highest).i have tried WMM enabled and disabled. I have seen maybe I need to rollback firmware. Please help thanks. View the full article
  20. My Nighthawk x4 c7500 has starting broadcasting a third SSID on the 2.4ghz channel. This SSID is one letter off from the original and is preventing any devices to connect to either SSID on 2.4ghz. The 5ghz works just fine but a lot of my devices do not work on 5ghz. I have tried a factory reset and a firmware update and nothing has fixed it. Has anyone else experienced this issue? View the full article
  21. I just did a speed test on my gaming laptop and it says I have a 15 MS ping, but when I go to play Call of Duty for example it says I get like 70 MS.. If anyone can help me with this situation that would be greatly appreciated since I spent a bit of money on this, Thank you! View the full article
  22. Fortnite Chasing that Victory Royale in Fortnite? Then here's some quick tips to get the best Fortnite connection possible: Minimize server lag The further a server is from your home, the slower the game will play. It’s just like real life; the further you must travel, the longer it takes to make that trip. Same for your game traffic. In your game settings: make sure you have selected your region in Fortnite. Here’s how: From the main menu of the game, select the gear icon to open settings and then again click the gear icon at the top to open game settings. Under Region, change your Matchmaking Region to the one with the lowest ping Using your Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 Router: Add your console or PC to the Geo-Filter Set your Geo-Filter to 'Spectating Mode' Make sure Auto-Ping Host is enabled in the Geo-Filter Map Option Set the Geo-Filter distance to the closest server near you. For reference, see the image below of Fortnite Servers. Clean up your console Making sure your hardware is capable of running Fortnite is crucial to a smooth gaming experience. When possible, have your console or PC wired up to the XR500’s ethernet ports. Console gamers: delete unneeded games/applications from your hard drive to free up space. On Xbox One if you’re experiencing occasional stuttering then clearing your local saved games can also help. Check your PC’s specs PC gamers: Keep your FPS high by ensuring your hardware meets these minimum requirements: Processor Core i5 2.8Ghz Memory 8GB Graphics Nvidia GTX 970 / AMD R9 390 or above Storage 20GB OS Windows 10 64-bit Prioritize your console or PC The last thing you want when chasing that Victory Royale is someone in your home hogging all the bandwidth with videos or other traffic and causing your game to lag. The Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 has the world’s best QoS to completely solve this problem. Here’s how: Set Anti-Bufferbloat to 70% for both Download and Upload and set the mode to High Priority Traffic Detected In Bandwidth Allocation give extra bandwidth to your gaming device Make sure ‘DumaOS Classified Games’ is checked in Traffic Prioritization Make sure ‘Unreal Engine’ is prioritized in Traffic Priorization Now everyone in your home can download and upload whatever they want without affecting your gaming because the XR500 is prioritizing Fortnite. Wired Controller beats a Wireless Controllers Whenever possible, try to play wired. Wireless controllers and mice and keyboards can be affected by other wireless devices around them which is why most eSports pros play wired. View the full article
  23. I bought this Netgear router yesterday. I love the NetDuma OS so far. I am coming from an ASUS AC88U which I have used for a couple of years. One question that I have is this. Every time I reboot my desktop PC it has a new IP address. Example. It started at XXX.XXX.X.4 and now it's gotten up to XXX.XX.X.32 this happens on both just a reboot of the computer and if I turn it off for any length of time. My laptop will keep the same IP on reboots, but if I turn it off for say 5 min (to let it leave the online device manager and say offline) and then turn it back on it will have a different IP. My iPhone, iPad, and Xbox One, if I turn them off and leave them off till they leave the device manager and then turn them back on they keep the same IP and do not switch to a new one like the PC or Laptop. The only reason I ask is because the IP address on all my devices when using the ASUS router never changed in the couple of years that I used that device. They don't need to be static and I'm not seeing any issues it's just different than what I'm used to so wanted to see if that's a feature or if something isn't set up right. Seems odd that only certain devices on my network are getting a different IP address on reboot of those devices. My home network is a Motorola MB8600 Modem and the XR500. The cable modem has no options to change. Thanks in advance! View the full article
  24. I've had this router for 4 months now and it works fine most of the time. Once in a while I'll notice that some LAN devices become unresponsive, when I look into the issue it turns out that they have IPs issued by my ISP's DHCP servers. Rebooting the router solves the problem. My WAN connection utilizes DHCP, but I can't figure out why local devices within the NAT would be getting IPs from an external DHCP rather than from the router all of a sudden. Anyone else run into a similar problem? View the full article
  25. Hello, New to this community! Just wondering if there is a good setup for xbox one (specifically playing Destiny 2) to reduce lag and improve performance of the router. Currently have comcast with 150mb connection, Motorola SB6141 modem, and run R6400 wired connection. Still experience lag issues. It seems that hit markers have alot of delay and have some lag issues. Is there a way to improve the performance of this router if so can someone give some guidance. I never messed with the settings on the router but would love to know ways to improve. Please let me know and thank you! I am a competitive player and do alot of player vs player so maybe I should just invest in XR500? Thanks again! View the full article
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