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no internet access

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Did you reboot your modem after plugging in the netduma? Whenever I plug a new router to my modem I first reboot the modem, then I turn on the router when the modem goes online.

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  • Netduma Staff

Hi, welcome to the forum!


First of all, can you see the Netduma network (SSID) when you're wired into it? If your setup is Modem > Netduma > Wired PC then you should see this. What happens when you try to connect to it? Can you access the interface?


Could you please run an IPconfig? To do this, open Command Prompt. Then simply type 'ipconfig' and press enter. Please screenshot the results and post them here. (We recommend uploading your screenshot to a site like Imgur and posting a link here).


I'd recommend performing a hard reset. Switch off the Modem and Netduma. Wait 5 minutes, then power on the Modem. Wait another minute, then power on the Netduma.


If that doesn't give you Internet access, please try this guide: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000022375-i-unticked-preserve-settings-when-upgrading-can-t-access-my-router-help

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