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Devices lose connection to Router after short periods of time

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I am experiencing that my devices stop recognizing the Netduma R1 router. Restarting the router works every time (for around 1-2 hrs, then it loses connection again.)

This has been occurring regularly for about 3 days.


The issue initially started occuring on version 1.03.6h (Which was pre-installed as I got mine in the autumn.)

I have attempted to upgrade the firmware to 1.03.6i, but this has not resolved the issue.


Whenever I lose connection, troubleshooting tells me my IP address (which is a reserved one in the DHCP scope) is not valid, and that the default gateway (router) cannot be found.

After attempting to ping the router with ping in cmd and accessing the control panel, it confirmed that the devices do not have a connection to the router after a certain amount of time.


My DHCP lease is set to 1 week, so that is not the issue either.

It does not appear to be an issue with my internet provider either.


I am also connected with Ethernet.


This is occurring on every device on the LAN, not just my computer.


Is this the right place to post this? If not, how can I contact customer support?

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  • Netduma Staff

Hi, welcome to the forum! You've posted in the right place for support. Let's try to get to the bottom of it.


So just to clarify, this issue isn't occurring with wireless devices? Have you already tried switching your Ethernet cables in case they're faulty? (Not too likely to be the cause, but you never know).


Does your Internet access drop out when you're wired directly to the modem? It's definitely worth proving if this is a fault with the Netduma (in which case it's likely a settings issue) or your modem, which could be a line or settings issue.


If you don't mind losing your R1 settings, I'd recommend a factory reset from Settings > Miscellaneous as well. Please let me know how you get on :D

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