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Cant get my full speed

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have had mt R1 since black ops 3 have not had a problem with it at all in till about a month ago download is 120 upload 15 by my ISP the r1 would hit them speeds just find now i can even get a 10 upload and a 3 download and i have not change my settings so dont understand whats wrong with it can anyone help me figure this out         

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Welcome to the forum.


Can you check these settings please:


Reactive Algorithm is selected

Anti-flood sliders are both at 100%

Share excess is enabled

Reset device prioritisation & apply

Disable IPv6 in WAN, LAN & miscellaneous

Disable deep packet in miscellaneous

Enable turbo mode

Ensure the ethernet cables you're using connecting the R1 to hub & R1 to PC are Cat5e or above

Do a wired speed test from a PC

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Are you getting your full speeds wired directly to your modem?

What make/model of modem do you use?

Is your setup Modem > Netduma > All devices?

Do you have any other routers or switches in your setup?

Have you swapped out your Ethernet cables?

Which firmware version are you on?

If you factory reset from Settings > Miscellaneous, set your bandwidth and allow the Netduma to auto-setup, do you receive your speeds?

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yes if I hook up my PC to my modem I get full speeds 

my modem is a arris tg1672g

yes setup is modem netduma other devices 

yeah I have all new Ethernet cable that are cat5e

Firmware is 1.03.6g

i have done factory reset and still cant get my speeds 

and my NAT is open btw

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  • Administrators

Could you do this please:

  1. Could you take a screenshot of your Congestion Control page and upload to imgur and link here.
  2. Could you also do the same on >Setting >Miscellaneous
  3. When you are testing wired into the modem, do you use the same wire? You could have a faulty wire which is affecting this. 

I assume you are using speedtest.net to test?

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  • Netduma Staff


Welcome to the forum Havens. It's possible there's miscommunication between your modem and the Netduma. Maybe a hard reset will fix this:


Switch off the Netduma and the Modem. Wait for 5 minutes then switch on your modem. Wait another minute then switch on your Netduma. With no other devices connected to the Netduma, and with the Netduma wired to a PC, do you then receive your full speeds?


If not, it could be a hardware malfunction. When did you get your Netduma precisely?

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  • Netduma Staff

yes I have done that I don't remember when I got it but it was during call of duty black ops3


Could you please email [email protected]? We'll investigate and see if you're covered by warranty. If you aren't we'll see if there's any further steps we can take. Thanks!

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