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New to the forum, first day of netduma R1 use, firmware/os questions

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Hi all, i apologize if I shouldn't be posting this here, if this is the wrong place please remove it.


I have just unboxed and fired up my netduma R1. All has gone well and I've had a few decent games on ww2 on Xbox.


My question is how do I know what firmware is the latest? The link from the R1 upgrade menu takes me to a webpage that says 6g is the lastest however mine is 6j?

Also I'm not 100% certain what duma os is all about... Any info on this will be appreciated (upgrading to it etc)... Is it replacement firmware for my R1? Thanks for any help

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  • Administrators

Hey, welcome to the forum!


By default routers leave the factory on the latest firmware so you're up to date.


DumaOS is router operating system that we've built from scratch and will soon be available as a free upgrade for the R1 but it's not yet available.

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  • Netduma Staff

Ok great, thanks for the quick response. Time to stop playing about with the router and start playing some games


Welcome to the forum! Let us know if you have any questions or issues, and enjoy gaming :D

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