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Question about DumaOS

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I am planning to buy the Netgear XR500 in March (UK Release Date) and was wondering does the Router have Traffic Monitoring Stats like Daily, Monthly and Weekly for various devices like ASUS do with their OS.


I ask this before the current Netgear OS is very vague and doesn't show any stats for my devices like download and upload data.

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  • Netduma Staff

Hi Jb68,


Welcome to the forum!


At the moment the router doesn't show any historical network usage. It does have a live network monitor which shows bandwidth usage as it occurs.


Historical network statistics has been suggested before and is something planned for the future.

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  • Administrators

Hi jb,


To add to Crossy's post data usage is definitely on the roadmap. The XR500 also has NETGEARs traffic meter which I believe allows you to monitor total bytes used and start blocking after that point.


Hope that helps :)

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