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My Asus router is too powerful to use as a AP.


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What if i want to remain using my Asus gaming router (ac-rt88u) as a main router and only use netduma’s geo filter features and congestion control. Is it possible to do that?


Since my asus router is way more powerful than netduma, much better specification,

I could use the network services filter which netduma doesn't have,

And i also can use 3 secs reboot and ip refresh button.

Only features that i’d like to use in netduma are the geo filter and congestion control.


So is it possible to do this? And what Do i have to trade off by doing this?

And how to do it?

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many users on here use that method. I have also done it with my asus DSL-AC68U. You would have to disable upnp on your asus, add the duma to asus DMZ and either enable port forwarding on the duma or enable upnp and upnp forwarding on the duma.



I also have a router that is more powerful  (Linksys wrt3200acm) which I currently do not use which I had behind my netduma and it performed just as well.



BUT, having the asus in front of the duma in your network chain will not give you congestion control which is a big feature of the duma.





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