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Cox GigaBlast Customer in OKC

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I'm new here, new to NetDuma and just had some random type questions about this router and software in general.


Let me set my scene up first by saying I have the Cox Gigablast Fiber into my house connection.

I live in Edmond, Oklahoma, which is a suburb of Oklahoma City, so I'm kind of centrally located in the USA.

My modem is an Alcatel-Lucent fiber modem.

My current router is a TP-Link AC5400, which does great for me with family wireless connections in my 2600 sqft house.


The Xbox One is connected to a switch in my office via CAT6, which is connected via CAT5 over to the router in my front closet.

The Xbox gets around 785 Mbps download, 606 Mbps upload, 0% packet loss, MTU 1480, and Latency is 20ms.

So my speeds are good, I use the Xbox One's "detailed network statistics" to get these numbers.

My games are ok overall, I'm not looking at this because I feel its all lag, I win some and lose some, just looking to see if I can tweak my performance even more. I currently play with a BenQ Monitor, and my Elite Controller is hard wired into the box. When I moved from a TV to this monitor I saw immediate performance increase, and won't ever go back to a TV again, so now just wanting to get that extra edge if I can from the network, which usually is why things go bad in games now.


I don't think I have a lot of lag issues, I play Halo 5, Destiny, COD, Titanfall, and Overwatch. Mainly Halo 5 right now.

I'm sure though, even when using the search preference of "Balanced" or "Focused" over the "Expanded" I still get hosts that are out of a desired ping range. So when I heard a YouTuber named "EliteShot" mention his Netduma settings, I had to google it up to see what he was talking about.


Also would like to point out I work in the IT world as a server admin, I know some of the technical talk, but I'm no way a networking guru, so while I can probably discuss networking details with you, I might not be able to understand it all, as its a part of IT I'm learning as I go. So just be patient with me if I know some things but don't know some less obvious things to you as network experts.


So here I am. Some of my first question will be pretty basic ones, so hopefully once I know more from these answers I'll have less "obvious" ones.

  1. Does the Netduma router have wireless built in that would be as good or better than what I have with my AC5400?
  2. If not, and I don't want to lose my WiFi power can I turn it into a AP and still use it with the Netduma?
  3. I know routers are really just software and the hardware part of a router is a switch, does Netduma sell just the software to put on my own hardware or to run on a PC or VM? Or is it made specifically for the hardware it comes on?
  4. I really want to upgrade my home network to a Ubiquiti Networks hardware, I know you all sell your router with unique features for gamers, wondering if this will fit in with that future upgrade or if its overkill etc.
  5. What would be the main features I should read up more on that would be geared toward me with this product, as a Halo/COD/Destiny player?
  6. In multiplayer games, when I'm joined by local friends in same city, does it matter if they don't have a Netduma and I do, will they get the benefit of my setup or will I be hurt by the lack of theirs? In other words will they cause us to load into bad hosts?

Thanks for your help.

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1. No (Netduma R1 only has 2.4Ghz wireless-- No 5Ghz included-- this is limited by the hardware). The router itself (hardware) is made by Mikrotik - model rb-951g-2hnd.

2. Yes most definitely.

3. No- software is not sold separately.

4. Yes

5. Congestion Control/Host Filtering/Bandwidth Prioritization -http://support.netduma.com/support/home

6. If you are party leader - everyone will benefit. 


Check out the wiki linked above.

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1. The netduma wifi is 2.4g only but has good coverage.


2 If you can put your netgear into AP mode that would be better as you still get to youe your existing wifi but get ip addresses from the netduma.


3.  No, netduma software comes with the hardware as it is specifically designed for that router (i guess to limit or eliminate hardware conflicts on other routers).


4.  ubiquiti routers like the edgerouter lite, edgemax etc etc are overkill but they do work alongside the netduma. With the edgerouter you can have totally seperate networks running on the same connection with is great for keeping your gaming console and personal computer totally isolated from the rest of the home network. You do however need very good IT skills and SSH experience to go really indepth.


5.  The geo filter and player blocking is the best feature of this router in my opinion and is well worth the money.


6. If they do not have a netduma that is ok. I ave friends who do not have 1 and they game with me no problems and benifit from my geo filtering too. You can go into a private lobby on cod for example and then white list all your friends so that they can game with you any time!




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Ok, so if I get this router, I'll put it between my modem and my current router and set that router into AP mode (which is has), then I'll have the benefits of the multi band WiFi from my TP-Link Router and the benefits of the Netduma router in one setup? My Netgear switches are just placed in different locations of the house where I have multiple hardwired devices that need network/internet connection, they are just unmanaged switches meant to give more connections, so they won't need anything special. 


The Ubiquiti Unifi stuff is what I was going to try to tackle this year, I like the ability to remotely access it etc, the Edgerouter stuff gets a bit out of my technical level, though they have good online documentation that could probably get me through it all. 


I'm really liking the sound of the Host Filtering/Bandwidth Priority and Congestion Control and if I'm the party leader they will all benefit, that works how I thought it should, so thats great news! We often play as a party of 4 and are all in the OKC area, some South OKC and some North OKC, but still here, who knows what kinds of hosts we connect to when playing Halo.


Thanks for the support and info, I'll be looking more into the purchase of this with some of my extra Christmas cash.

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