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Thinking about buying questions

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I am looking at the NetDuma and have some questions, before I think about getting one:


1. Is there a new version coming out with 5Ghz, anytime soon?


2. Can this be plugged in with another router (something like Modem -> Router -> NetDuma -> Consoles)?


3. Does the Geo Filter, effect normal internet usage, in anyway?


4. A friend has a NetDuma, will this work ok with it, when gaming?


5. Do you have an Andriod app for the router and functions?


6. Does the NetDuma include all the normal functions of a standard router, such as port forwards, DNS servers, Change Mac address etc...?






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Thanks for the reply :)

I am in the UK and would like to know if I ordered it before 2pm tomorrow and picked Royal Mail, how quick would I get it?


Royal Mail is 1-3 days delivery. So it'll probably arrive by Friday, otherwise Saturday is next likely. 


However, you may be interested in the recently announced Nighthawk XR500, which is powered by DumaOS (our new software operating system). It will be on sale in the UK here in March - it's £100 more expensive but has 5GHZ.

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