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With the popularity of this game currently it would be nice if you guys supported it.  There are currently 5 servers in NA that I connect to and 1 of them is complete garbage.


When I enable the filter it will load the match but then kick me out 50% of the time.


I saw the earlier post on this topic but nothing resolved further so I thought I would start a new post.  The server locations do not show up when loading the game, only after connected to a lobby does it show the server you are connected to.

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The only reason I'm replying is even with EU selected in the games options my ping on the new ingame netstats hub on ps4 is showing 180ms to the server.


I tried to set the geofilter to see if this was true or a bug or if its bypassing the EU server altogether but it was showing servers as US East on the geofilter when I start the game so I collected the locations to help with adding to the cloud


59120dd8aff8bfc4, 40ms, UK
b223efbac051adb2, 30ms, UK
Could be just a bug ingame but I included the server locations just incase this issue continues to help with cloud updates.
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  • Administrators

It's unlikely they would have matched you with a game outside your region settings so I would assume that it is either that particular server you had trouble with or that you're experiencing local congestion. Is Congestion Control setup properly? 


Yeah those will be mislocated on the Geo-Filter, could you post them here please so they're all in one place for when I do an update: http://forum.netduma.com/topic/18965-cloud-incorrect-locations/page-7

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I don't know why am suddenly getting packet loss in fortnite on PS4 I thought DumaOS upgrade will fix issue but after upgrading to dumaOS am still getting packet loss any suggestions to fix or avoid packet loss in Fortnite 

Here is some steps I already try to fix packet loss :

1) reinstalled the game with rebuild database on PS4

2) I call my isp he changed fiber wires to new and fiber optic media converters

3) Seprated gaming internet one for house uses one for gaming only

Thanks in advanced👍😊💚


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  • Netduma Staff

You might find that it's the way you're testing for packet loss which is at fault. How are you conducting your tests? If you're using Pingplotter on a wired PC, please send the screenshots of your tests here and we'll take a look.

If you're using a test like this to ping the Fortnite servers and test for packet loss, this won't give you accurate results. It's likely packet loss would show on a test like that.

What you should be doing is using a site like Twitter.com as your target URL. On a wired PC you would then be able to get an accurate measure, though there are other factors which you may be mistaking for packet loss. Make sure to send over some screenshots!

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