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Netduma still having issues


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I’m been trying to figure out what my issues are. I’m been getting inconsistent speeds, ping


All my stats that the modem does doesn’t show in my game plays at all. I’m pretty good with my sticks so I’m wondering if it could be other issues?


I’m on Telus internet 100 20 but i July get 70 and 18 speeds. DSL setup with two phone line setup. Maybe it’s where I live in a older town cloverdale bc Canada.


Help please



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Can you post up screenshots of your settings and detail your setup please.


If you could post up some ping plotter of your erratic ping too that would be helpful.

Both from your Netduma and direct from your modem.

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Can't see anything weird.


Why do you think you're getting inconsistent speed/pings?


It looks like you only have 1 (maybe 2) devices connected to your Netduma, what's everything else connected to?

I'm assuming you have more devices in the house with online capability.

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  • Netduma Staff

I have my tv box hook to my combo modem/router since it won’t work unless I do so. I don’t have that many devices in my condo.


Maybe I need to figure out what server works best for me. Bf1 works great. Cod not so much


Based on your screenshots I'd totally agree - it's down to finding the right server now. Your connection seems pretty great, there's likely not much else you can do to your local network to improve your gaming beyond that.


As a proof of that concept, give Black Ops 3 a go. It should play pretty well and consistently, since the servers are fairly stable on older titles. I reckon soon enough you'll be having a great time on WWII :)

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