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Netduma unresponsive

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Im connected to the Netduma wireless on my pc and im getting a connection. Any attempts to use the Duma interface is giving me the message -


This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.


It happened after a match and the whole thing became unresponsive from the host filter page ( pages not refreshing nor any other option loading )


** http://r1 doesnt respond either

** I have powered down both routers and started my Sky router and then the Duma shortly after but no change.

** Noticed that all devices connected to the Duma now appear in the Sky routers connected devices page as cabled ( They didnt before )

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  • Administrators

Sounds like you have disabled DHCP (this is what gives your devices IP addresses, please don't disable this unless you're confident about what you need to do!). Set a static IP for your device (, 255, 255, 255, 0, then connect to interface and enable DHCP

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Just at work on my phone at the moment - when you say give my device a static ip, you mean whatever im attempting to access the interface with? Would i do this through my Sky router settings? Sorry im a bit thick, need bit more clarification lol and for the record i didnt disable DHCP that im aware of ( What im aware of and what is reality are far apart lol )

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  • Netduma Staff

So i got home and made no changes whatsoever, yet i am now able to access the Netduma interface again somehow  :3


Ah... Hm. Haha. Well that's good then!


It's always nice when problems magically resolve themselves, but please let us know if this happens again - there could be some miscommunication between the Netduma and your modem so it could happen again.

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