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  1. Ahhh someone help me im sick of this crap! xD So now anything using the Netduma wifi or cabled is getting almost no downloads speed at all. This is with Qos set to never and correct bandwidth numbers in. Multiple devices testes wifi and cable on main sky router and getting expected speeds. Replaced wifi device on pc and moved router closer for a stronger more consistent signal. Dowload speed was at 1mbs as opposed to 22-25 mbps. Allocate maximum bandwidth to Pc and got a small increase to 5mbps. Upload remains unaffected in all scenarios.
  2. Short time period but the wifi doesnt seem to have dropped! Bad news is my ping is sky rocketing when someone is streaming video in the house even with all the above settings in place. I have unticked share excess so that said devices cant take more than what i have specified and see how it goes from there. Im playing a game called Overthrow ( 1 man project remake of Paragon ) which runs on a peer host system. At the lobby join it will show around 150ms which is bareable and in game that can rise to 200 ( actually still bareable ) but i will get loads of spikes which leave my movement rubberbanding ect and this only happens when theres someone using a nice chunk of the bandwidth. Even with said streaming devices limited and there should be loads of connection left to not ruin my ping its still happening all the time and its extremely bad.
  3. Aye those instructions are how i first set everything up to be honest. Will see how running on a stronger/more suitable channel goes with the wifi. Will try bufferbloat on priority traffic only instead of always to see if that makes a change.
  4. Just gonna drop in and say ive checked over all of this months emails ive recieved and not had one with the new update link yet either. Im on .10 at the moment.
  5. Picked the best channel + yes same in my house is video/tv streaming , not always Netflix. Lower than 25mbs sadly with no better connection planned for the next 100 years. Simply waiting and hoping for a quick release of 5G ( also hoping not just focused in big city areas ).
  6. Wireless will randomly and quite frequently drop. It will come back up without internet. Anti-buffer is set to 70/70 and set to apply always ( is that an issue? ) Pc is set as priority traffic anyway. Getting huge increases in ping to game im playing atm when others are using the internet - even if ive limited those devices bandwidth allowance ect. Maybe im just missing something or did something incorrectly im not sure.
  7. What settings does this actually change? Could this be made to also do things like open all related ports for said game?
  8. Ok thanks - to add to that i cant see ping when host is a peer only when its a dedi.
  9. Could it be possible to have the bars show as what % of your overall connection each device is actually using? ( After you have set your bandwidth parameters yourself ofcourse ) It would be great if we could make the tooltip show where ever we highlight on the usage bar rather than always appearing at the edge ( Far right hand side ) of the usage bar.
  10. I think Cpu usage might be incorrectly showing at the moment? Mine will show 40-50% usage and spike to 100% alot on the Duma Os but task manager will show only 12% usage ect.
  11. Is this normal? What happened to showing the whole lobbys ping? ( think this was in use before Duma Os? )
  12. I believe this is a current ongoing issue in all online games at the moment if im honest. I get 30ms or lower to all lobbies but constantly get stomped by Russian/Italian/Spanish/Arab players as Duma cannot control who joins a match only the host.
  13. I can only access the interface when Duma is isolated and directly connected to my pc. Wireless/wired internet is still not there when connected to my "Hub".
  14. Err i would ignore the above post as i hadnt connected cables properly when attempting to access the interface xD As it happens i repeated the first step of advice above and was able to access the interface again. I checked over the Lan settings and they were identical as in the example, i powered down and connected the Netduma to my Hub and repowered up as advised but to no success.
  15. I can see the wifi and access the wifi. I cant access internet or the netduma interface. I know you stated to email if those steps didnt work but it seems that on firefox i encountered something different today when trying to access http://R1 which might be relevant. It came up with a warning page saying connection untrusted. I added it as an exception which then let me move onto the page shown in the image below. Chrome cant access the interface either.
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