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Ridiculous Ping Spikes WW2 Dedi

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I just noticed this last night, I was on a dedicated server in California and I live in Arizona. There should be no reason why this would be happening cause I ping to dedis in Cali at 20-30ms. It would spike from 25-1000ms every other second. The hit detection was terrible as well. I pinged my buddy in the lobby and he was getting a ping of 950ms and he lives only 180 miles from me. I want to say it's a glitch in the Duma cause I ran a NetDumas ping diagnostic and everything checked out. I thought someone was ddosing me but ping plotter was averaging 30ms to twitter.com. After I did the diagnostic test in the NetDuma everything was pinging as it should be. Any thoughts on what this could have been or has anyone ever encountered this? 



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You'll know if they're real spikes or just a bug in the GUI.

If they're real spikes then it'll be completely unplayable, if it even let's you stay in the lobby.

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  • Netduma Staff

I wonder if it's a visual bug or if it's actually causing ping spikes in the connection?


The guys above are correct - this is a visual glitch with multiple annoying causes, though it won't be an accurate indicator of your actual ping to the server. Having a ping of over 900 (insert Dragonball Z reference) would result in you getting kicked, and you probably wouldn't even be able to move without rubber banding across the map etc.


It can be caused by switching tabs (rarely), using anything other than the default Netduma theme, using a browser other than Chrome or Firefox etc.

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