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local dedi server

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This server is within 150 miles of me and I can't ever connect to this why is that? I always get put in a 4k mile + lobby or a 500+ but mostly a 4k.



I have ping assist set to  0 strict mode on and my distance set to 450 using reactive with 60 down and 5 up

ID: b489cb9626537075    Distance: 126mi


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i take it you aint been following activision? Theres server issues, has been for a few days, not many dedi servers running. I keep connecting to belgium and i am in northern england!

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  • Netduma Staff

this has been a issue since iw and mwr 


I've added this server to our cloud update list, we'll check it out once we're onto constructing a new cloud version. It could well be an issue with Activision though we'll get to the bottom of it :) thanks for letting us know!

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