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Fifa 18 xbox one can't find opponents

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I had this issue last year with Fifa 17....


Is there any settings I need to turn off to be able to find opponents ?


I remember last year it was some thing to do with deep pack and turning ip6v off.


This year I'm having the same issue again, all other games are fine, with the Geo on or off.


It always Fifa that has issues.


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  • Netduma Staff

Ok, Geo Gilter was turned off when I first logged in though.


With the Geo-filter disabled, do you still struggle to find games? Do you have an open NAT? Fifa has always had issues with matchmaking times, and there's lots of speculation regarding the EA servers as to why. I also know their dedicated servers are few and far between, making the Geo-filter struggle a bit. Try using Ping Assist more than your distance slider - strict mode off, ping assist 60ms.

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