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  1. Never had to reboot mine, might have the odd lock up, but nothing this extreme.
  2. Any reason, why I would be getting strict nat all the time, since having to downgrade the firmware, due to the issues? My Xbox is DMZ'D. But every time I turn it on, I have to reboot the console from cold, and reboot the router to get it to open. Which is becoming tiresome.
  3. Not for me, proper hunt is horrible on any cod. Nightfall works, but its just stopped again now.
  4. Strangely this has all of sudden worked.
  5. I can't find a single game in any mode pal. No matter what i change
  6. But if I take the xr5oo out i can find games! I can get the odd one or 2 with it. I'll have to try the ps4 as well.
  7. xbox one x. Yes its covering that mate. (been on xbox for years and had the R1) No matter where i have it fully open in or just over the uk and Ireland, it does that.
  8. Any one else have any issue with BO3 on xbox with the XR500, every other cod I can find games with no issue. Since I've got the XR500 all BO3 does is sits on 0/50 games. Not sure why?
  9. had the same issue with Amazon, was asked to purchase from resellers at high cost as they had no stock, I refused and they gave me £40 credit. Cancelled my order and got it from Ebuyer.
  10. I only said that as most of the user that I talk to on Twitter, have duma. People I knew with out a duma where not reporting the issue. Though theres now a massive thread on there.
  11. I don't use the plusnet hub, I never ordered one, so I was just talking about straight from the duma.
  12. SHG have admitted there's an issue and are looking into. It's effecting Xbox players only.
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